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Long Story Short


I'll be the first to admit that we at the Indy show a whole lot of love for the live music shows at The Black Sheep and the venues up in Denver.

I'm aware of this, believe me. But we do it for a reason: to let you, the reader, know of the most newsworthy music happenings in our region. It's not that we don't appreciate local live music we most certainly do but we have a limited amount of space to work with, and only so much of it can be dedicated to music.

So we figured it was about time to give some coverage to the other, less traditional venues around town, the ones that repeatedly and proudly boast the Springs' own talent.

We figured that by visiting 10 different establishments over 10 straight nights (see p. 17), we'd be able to intently assess the local live music and nightlife scenes, and largely without the bands' or venues' knowledge. If we could catch them off-guard, we'd see them in their most real and raw states, the way you or anyone else might see them upon deciding to get out there for a good time.

What did we find? Well, first, if not foremost: Going out for 10 straight nights is a pretty stupid idea.

Pete Freedman

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