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Long Story Short


Is it fair to sum up the current state of the local visual arts scene in 3,400 words?

Nope. Not at all.

I get this. And I'm OK with it. See, our cover story (starting on page 14) isn't supposed to be all-encompassing.

I knew I couldn't speak with everyone connected to the local arts community. And, because of the space I had to work with, I knew I wasn't going to be able to cover every aspect of the scene in Colorado Springs.

So I just wanted, essentially, to take a snapshot of the current, prominent happenings and personalities in the local visual arts. Will any questions about the future be answered definitively? Probably not. In fact, this piece may just create more questions.

But if I could look at today's scene and capture the way this town's arts leaders are talking about the future, you could get a better feel for what's to come. That's the goal here.

After all, the people in the arts community are already talking about the future. They'd like your informed opinion, too.

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