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On Jermaine Rogers

I was first introduced to Jermaine Rogers' artistry three years ago when Talbert, my roommate at the time, began buying his prints off eBay. I came home one day to find Vincent Van Gogh cuddling an alien baby in a Modest Mouse poster, freshly framed on the living room wall. Shortly thereafter, Morrissey showed up across the room. Then a large, accordion portfolio folder in the basement started gaining bulk. Even this week, poster tubes are arriving at his door.

Though I never became a collector, I've always enjoyed looking at Jermaine's work.

There are numerous pieces of his that I would hang on my wall in an instant, even if I didn't much care for the featured band. A certain alluring spirit underlies the vibrant colors and bold lines that make each piece pop.

Meeting the artist for this week's cover story (starting on page 13) proved to be a treat. Jermaine leads with humility, speaks intelligently across subjects and says "dude" a lot. His gentle nature and good humor are immediately disarming.

I look forward to seeing how he engages our community. It should be interesting, too, to see how we embrace him, and how his presence puts our eclectic locale on the map for one more reason.

Matthew Schniper

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