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Whether due to anger, fear or some combination of the two, disdain for the government — especially a gridlocked federal government — endures.

Robert Ellis of the west side

Robert Ellis of the west side is retired

Who is the most extreme politician out there today? Barack Obama. He's using the power of his office to do things without Congress. He blames Congress for head-butting and not doing anything, but when Republicans send up a bill, it gets nowhere.

How do you think politics has changed in the last 20 years? In the same ways that society changed. Things were a lot more conservative when I was growing up. We believed in one-man, one-woman marriage. It's far more liberal now.

What will it take to better things politically? End the gridlock by Republicans taking over the Senate, capturing the presidency, and keeping the House. The Democrats had their chance to do a bunch of stuff, and they didn't.

Cheyenne Jeffries of Worland, Wyo.

Cheyenne Jeffries of Worland, Wyo., is an auto body worker, janitor and pastor

Who, presently, is our most extreme politician? I can't give a good answer. I don't follow politics because I believe in God's kingdom as the best form of government — and it's coming.

How has politics changed in the past 20 years? It's completely controlled by greed. More than ever, it's the people with power and money who run everything. It's harder and harder for the common person to make a living in this system.

Has any recently spotted bumper sticker struck your attention? One in Obama's colors that said, "Screw 2012."

Identify an important issue that politicians are ignoring. It's a tie between health care and the U.S. trying to be the world's police.

What will it take for things to get politically better? It'll get better only when God's kingdom comes. Man can't do it alone.

Kristen Atchley of the south side

Kristen Atchley of the south side is a nurse

Who, in your view, is today's most extreme politician? Rand Paul is crazy. He held Congress prisoner for a while during the sequester.

How about locally? Sheriff Terry Maketa.

How has politics changed, in your opinion, in the last 20 years? It's a lot more scandal-ridden. It's hard to say, though, whether that's actually the case or it's that closer media scrutiny now puts everybody's business in the open.

Identify a big problem that politicians are ignoring. Veterans Affairs. The only reason that Bowe Bergdahl was released when he was by the Taliban is that, that was when the VA scandal was hitting the fan.

What will it take to make things better politically? Revolution.

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