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Locals grapple with politics during primary season

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With the primary season looming, political discourse is mostly snarky one-liners, personal put-downs and indifference to fact. If the polls are right, it's effective.

Heather Heuberger
  • Heather Heuberger

Heather Heuberger of Cheyenne Cañon is retired.

Do you follow day-to-day developments in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary? Not closely. I focus on the end results, not all the garbage along the way.

Political discourse is increasingly mean-spirited and nasty. What's behind that? Americans think it's entertaining. It's why they like reality shows. The election season is reality-show politics.

Who, in your view, is the slimiest political figure out there? It's tough to single out only one, but I'll go with Trump.

Who's the most decent? Maybe Rand Paul. He's more about issues than about the hoopla.

Natalie Garro
  • Natalie Garro

Natalie Garro of Kissing Camels is a yoga teacher.

How much do you genuinely care about the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary? I listen to NPR most days, and I try to keep up with the Democratic and Republican debates.

Predict where things will stand after New Hampshire. Sanders will overtake Hillary. My gut tells me that Rubio will emerge from the Republican pack. There's no way the establishment will let Trump be the nominee.

Who's the slimiest political figure out there at present? Donald Trump, without question. It isn't just his deplorable, racist rhetoric. It's that he has no moral foundation at all, either as a candidate or as a human being.

Who's the most decent, likable political figure? Ben Carson. He's mild-mannered, soft-spoken and intelligent. He doesn't sling nasty rhetoric. He's a quiet leader.

Brian Picklesimer
  • Brian Picklesimer

Brian Picklesimer of Rockrimmon is a forester.

How closely are you following Iowa and New Hampshire? I kind of am, but it doesn't matter which party prevails. They're both controlled by basically the same interests. The cynic in me says that Fox News and CNN will decide who comes out on top.

Why is political discourse getting so flamboyantly nasty, mean-spirited and indifferent to facts? It's all about ratings. People don't want to sit down and read entire articles about political reasoning. They want snappy sound bites.

Who's the most decent and likable? It's hard to say. You're presented a face and a personality that you know isn't real. Having said that, Bernie Sanders is probably most likable to me.

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