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Livelong Days

Joe and Carol Givan go bonanza at the Magenta Tie Affair on Friday.
  • Joe and Carol Givan go bonanza at the Magenta Tie Affair on Friday.

2 Thursday

The Business of Art Center will host its annual studio artists show starting tonight from 5 to 8 p.m. at the BAC, 513 Manitou Ave. (in Manitou Springs). Titled essence, the show will feature work by all those who toil away in the working studios right there in the BAC! The show runs through Nov. 4. Call 685-1861.

Can you believe that Emily Grosholz is both a philosopher and a poet? That would be like being a Transformer and a Decepticon! Plato banned the poets from the Republic, after all, which set off a centuries-long feud between the two practical professions that rages to this day. Grosholz, who teaches philosophy at Penn State University, will be reading from her most recent book The Abacus of Years in the McHugh Commons at Colorado College, 1090 N. Cascade at 7 p.m. Call 389-6606.

Jon Chandler will get buck wild at Harvest Festival on Saturday!
  • Jon Chandler will get buck wild at Harvest Festival on Saturday!

3 Friday

Get busy with the Manitou Art Theater -- busy raisin' bling and havin' a good old time, that is! The Magenta Tie Affair is not just your average fund-raiser cocktail party with appetizers, booze, comic hijinx, magic and blues music; it's better! It's $30, or $50 for couples, and you'll get to see Doc Murdock, Joe and Carol Givan, and Mamma Jamma. Get thee to 515 Manitou Ave. (in Manitou Springs) and party like it's 2003. Call 685-1861 or go to fo' mo'. Formal Magenta Attire recommended, but feel free to break the rules.

Abandon all hope! Tonight, TheatreWorks at UCCS is opening what could be the greatest haunted house ever. Based on Dante's famous epic poem The Inferno, The Inferno haunted house will take visitors to hell with a theatrical and literary twist. Don't miss your chances to go down through the bolgias and party in the ninth circle with Satan himself! It's taking place downtown at the northeast corner of Nevada Avenue and Pikes Peak Avenue above Kinko's. Call 262-3232 or go to for info.

4 Saturday

Tight bros from The Waybacks on Saturday!
  • Tight bros from The Waybacks on Saturday!

Harvest Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch! Pony rides, cider, crafts and the music of Jon Chandler! It's goin' down from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. just off of 30th Street at the entrance to Garden of the Gods Park. Call 578-6777.

Once you get the hay out of your hey, you know you'll want to head to the Benet Hill Center Auditorium at 2577 Chelton Road to hear The Waybacks. These guys are tight bros from way back when in San Francisco, and they'll be doin' their newgrass-western-jazz-folk thang. Tickets are $18 for outsiders, and $13 for Black Rose Acoustic Society members. Doors open at 7 p.m. Call 278-8108 or go to

Sometimes life is a cabaret. Like tonight, for example: S-CAP (the Southern Colorado Aids Project) will host a little fund-raising shindig at the Smokebrush Foundation and Gallery (218 W. Colorado under the bridge) with local vocalists -- including the fabulous Martile Rowland -- singing jazzy show tunes and what not. Tickets are $50 for the show only and $75 for the show and access to the wine bar and food tables. Call Bob Rebello at 578-9092 for tickets or more information.

6 Monday

Watch Horatio Nelson and his dog Bud cross the United States in a 1903 horseless carriage on Monday.
  • Watch Horatio Nelson and his dog Bud cross the United States in a 1903 horseless carriage on Monday.

Rocky Mountain PBS will air Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip. Basically, Horatio Nelson makes Jack Kerouac look like an ber-ponce. He drove across the country in 63 days in a 1903 "horseless carriage car" over roads that didn't exist! It's the most American story of all! Not only that, but Bud the bulldog comes along. Yeah, Ken Burns made it. It airs at 8 p.m. on Channel 8 (or whichever channel your local PBS station may be).

8 Wednesday

Beloved local bluesman Arch Hooks will unleash his latest CD at the Ritz Grill, downtown at 15 S. Tejon St., beginning at 9:30 p.m. Titled Back Seat Oracle, Hooks' has everything from love songs to songs with titles like "Driving Like You're Drunk and You're Stoned." What could it be about? Come find out. Call 635-8484.

Duke Robillard will bring his own self, his guitar and his new CD, Exalted Lover, to the Navajo Hogan Roadhouse tonight. B.B. King has said of Robillard: "Duke's one of the great players." How much more convincing do you need? Head up to the Hogan at 2817 N. Nevada Ave., call 632-5490, or do whatever you have to do. Get there. It's $10.

9 Thursday

On your marks, get set, lecture! Toni Dove will do just that tonight at UCCS (1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway) in the University Center Room 116A. She's gonna be talking about "Technology, Race and Gender: Art in the 21st Century." It's free and you can call 262-4306.

-- Noel Black

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