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What's happening in the big city -- highlights from our listings

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10 Friday

Hot Fudge Friday ... kinky, eh? Not really, you pervs -- it's actually a song-and-dance revue down at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center, 210 N. Santa Fe in Pee-eh-blow, as the tourists say. The resident dance company, the Dancerz, plus the Centennial High School Schola Cantorium, will perform pieces by Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, and a whole slew of other composers that fall squarely into the "beloved" category. Tickets to the show are $3, and there will be an ice-cream reception after the show (hence the hot fudge). The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. Call 719/542-1211 for details.

11 Saturday

Dogs are always getting the shaft, for no reason. It's my opinion that they are way more worthy of admission into human events than half of the homosapiens there -- I mean, look at them. No pettiness, no jealously, no image problems, no complexes ... and any problems they do have are solved with a simple rumble and maybe a quick corner pee, and it's done. Streamlined. Dogs ain't got no worries. They deserve an opportunity to take their humans out and show them off, hence Dreampower Animal Rescue's Paws in the Park. There will be booths, obstacle courses, games and other fun activities for you and your mutt, plus this will be a great opportunity to come down and save one of the sweet pups that desperately needs a home. The event will be held at Bear Creek Park, 21st Street and Argus. Admission to all the fun is $20 to $22, and it benefits Dreampower. Call 390-7838 to find out more. Be there at 9:30 a.m., leashed best friend in hand.

It's trombonearama this afternoon up at Lewis-Palmer High School, 1300 Higby Road in Monument. The High Altitude Trombone Quartet with Alex Iles is performing works by Brahms, Rimsky-Korsakov, Ewazen and more at 7:30 p.m. The concert rounds out a day of clinics (see the Listings, page 40). The show is free. Call 577-4337.

The Manitou Art Theater, with its high rafters and great acoustics, hosts another community concert tonight at 8. It's Celtic Night, presented by the Black Rose Acoustic Society, and features local favorites the Mountain Road Ceili Band and Siucra. The theater is located next to the Business of Art Center at 515 Manitou Ave. Admission is $10 to $15. Call 578-0254.

14 Tuesday

As with all good things in this town, it seems best to keep them hidden if you want them to survive -- the mushroom subculture, if you will. One of Colorado Springs' best-kept secrets -- keep it on the downlow, of course -- is our burgeoning hip-hop scene. You would not believe the level of talent that is floating just under the radar around here, progressive beats and intelligent rhymes, music with an urban sound. Every Tuesday night from 8 p.m. to midnight, the Party Zone nightclub (in the shopping center on the southwest corner of Academy and Austin Bluffs) hosts a collection of the artists creating this sophisticated music. Once you get past the ridiculous Department of Transportation interior design scheme, it's well worth the excursion. To find out more, call 380-1900.

Marilyn Monroe and her "bosom companions" Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon star in one of the funniest slapstick comedies of all time tonight at the American Film Institute's Greatest Films screening at the Fine Arts Center, 30 W. Dale. Some Like It Hot has it all -- gangsters, cross-dressing, sex, cross-dressing, speakeasies, cross-dressing, car chases and, of course, cross-dressing. Admission is $5 to $6, and includes snacks and a cash bar. Prior to the film, there will be a discussion of the making of the movie hosted by former Gazette film reviewer and current TV critic Warren Epstein. The show starts at 7 p.m.; call 634-5583.

Local LEZBOS in fund-raising action
  • Local LEZBOS in fund-raising action

-- Kristen Sherwood

Lights, Camera, Fund-raising Action
Local LEZBOS show benefits community

Like all brilliant stage productions, it started with a small idea in somebody's living room -- over beer and whiskey, no doubt -- just a group of friends brainstorming ideas for an upcoming fund-raiser for the Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center (PPGLCC). They came up with the simple concept of doing skits, variety-show style.

Now, two years later, the result is a successful show simply known as LEZBOS -- Lesbians Engaged in Zany Bodacious Outrageous Stuff. At first a steady on the fund-raising circuit with proceeds benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Center, the show has become so popular that there is a demand for three nights of performances. It has also become so popular that LEZBOS is no longer just a group of friends, but a full-on troupe with some semblance of management, regular rehearsals, and 501-C3 nonprofit status.

This year, LEZBOS has expanded their fund-raising focus, and in a show titled "Impacting Our Community," they're projecting revenues of between $8,000 and $10,000. The money will go to several local groups, including Victims of Violence, the PPGLCC, the Inside/Out Youth Group (in order to establish a scholarship program), the Metropolitan Community Church, the Upstart Performing Ensemble, and the Denver Community Center as well.

LEZBOS is not exactly prime-time family entertainment, and it's probably not for the faint of heart or the squeamish, either. But it sure is a helluva good time.

Best described as a cross between the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Laugh In, LEZBOS features spoofs on everything from hall of fame Brady Bunch episodes, to cult films, to bad '70s dance music. But there is some pretty provocative and original work as well. Either way, it all makes for a great night of alternative entertainment.

This weekend, for their fifth fund-raising endeavor, LEZBOS will be performing two shows. The first is Friday night at 8 p.m. at the Bijou Bar and Grill. Sorry, underagers and nonsmokers, this is an over-21 venue only, and smoking is permitted. But fear not, because Saturday, the whole deal happens again at the Metropolitan Community Church. This is a nonsmoking venue and an all-ages show. If you want to drink, don't forget your ID; you can get one of those groovy wristbands.

Both shows will include guest appearances from two local favorites, the band Sensible Shoes and singing sensations, The Ivettes.

Considering that the first show two years ago raised about $800, the LEZBOS have come along way. In the process, they've developed some groupies and a devoted fan base. Find out why this weekend.

Some Like It Hot ... at the FAC on Tuesday
  • Some Like It Hot ... at the FAC on Tuesday

-- Suzanne Becker


Impacting Our Community in 2002

Over-21 show at The Bijou Bar and Grill, 2510 E. Bijou St.,
on Friday, May 10, 8-10 p.m.

All-ages show at The Metropolitan Community Church, 1102 S. 21st St.,
on Saturday, May 11, 7-9 p.m.

Tickets: $5, available at the door.
Call 231-5251 or 641-4307 for more.

Pupils in Focus Student photography at Phototroph

Spent an hour with Elaine Bean on Monday morning at her newly minted gallery, Phototroph. Elaine's an interesting mix of personae: persistent, hard-nosed community activist; talented, inventive photographer; tough-minded businesswoman; and, most recently, proud proprietor of a gallery dedicated to fine photography.

Elaine's opening show, which featured spectacular works loaned by her

colleague and mentor, Hal Gould of Denver's Camera Obscura Gallery, established her bona fides. No local gallery has ever mounted an exhibition of comparable quality; at least, not in the memory of this particular geezer.

Melissa Reynolds subtly toned "Ferris Wheel"  at the Phototroph Gallery
  • Melissa Reynolds subtly toned "Ferris Wheel" at the Phototroph Gallery

The exhibition included masterful works by giants such as Imogen Cunningham, Edward S. Curtis, Edward Steichen, Edward Weston and Paul Strand. If you'd had a few thousand to spend, you could have acquired one of 'em.

Elaine's current exhibition, titled Myriad of Visions, consisting of 23 photographs by 23 different photographers, is a little different from the last one. All of the artists are novices, students in Carol Dass' UCCS class. And each work is reasonably priced, to put it mildly: $150!

Are there any budding Laura Gilpins or Myron Woods in this show? Maybe; the work is extraordinarily good. Either Carol is one fine teacher, or she's blessed with talented students, or both.

I particularly liked Miranda Hedges' "Bike Week, Daytona 2002," a candid shot of a laughing woman in a bar lifting her shirt to show off her (obviously fake) breasts. As Elaine pointed out, it has some of the immediacy and spontaneity of a good news photograph -- think of Bob Jackson's famous shot of the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald. Celinda Jara's unaltered, serendipitously lovely piece of a couple of kids playing in a back yard is gentle and compelling. Jessica Brooks' urban scene -- complex, sophisticated, and beautifully composed -- would grace any collector's wall. And Melissa Reynolds' subtly toned "Ferris Wheel" is artful and open.

Clarence Davis' moving photograph of a dead deer beside a rural highway is direct, elegiac and impossible to ignore. And Leslie Gerbaz's image -- a weathered structure set against a lowering sky -- is a beautiful photograph, reminiscent of Myron Wood's early pieces.

Speaking of Myron, Phototroph's next show will consist entirely of works by the man who was, with Laura Gilpin and William Henry Jackson, one of the three best photographers ever to work in Colorado Springs. Wood's work is still reasonably affordable; it's unlikely to remain so.

Meanwhile, the ferociously energetic Elaine Bean, while running her gallery and her other businesses, is putting the final touches on a nifty little $17 million financing package for the renascent Depot Arts District ... Stay tuned.

--John Hazlehurst


Myriad of Visions

Phototroph Gallery, 218 W. Colorado Ave., Suite 111 In the Colorado Springs Deport Arts District under the bridge

Through May 19.

Hours: Saturdays, noon to 5 p.m.; Sundays, noon to 3 p.m. Also by appointment, or by chance, during the week. Call 442-6995.

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