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Make-out Spot

Gold Camp Road

Everybody makes out. Or at least, everyone says they make out.

If you aren't makin' out, you're missin' out, and you'd better get out and look out for someone else needin' to find out what draggin' out a wet kiss is all about. Word.

There's no music like mouth music, and apparently no better place to conduct said music than perched above the cityscape on Gold Camp Road. The view even beats the dandle-inspiring scenery of Palmer Park and the jaw-loosening awe of the Garden of the Gods spots Nos. 2 and 3 among locals, respectively, in this arena.

Which begs two hard-hitting, investigative news questions.

Just what is it exactly about overlooks that makes for sweet osculation? (Don't know the term? Guess that means you aren't gettin' any, junior. Best get crackin' on finding a dictionary and a mouth-to-mouth partner.)

And do people really inundate Gold Camp Road's turn-offs to get turned on?

As with any tantalizing query pertaining to inappropriate public behavior, I figured I'd better start with the police. That is, as they are the figures on television and in the movies who're always tapping their nightsticks on offenders' windows and running off spit-swapping teenagers. I'd never imply that the police are the ones engaging in inappropriate public behavior. Ever.

I called Lt. Skip Arms, public information officer for Colorado Springs Police Department, who greeted my queries with a laugh. (Dare I call it a guilty giggle? I do not.)

After realizing that I was not going to poll him on his personal favorite necking spots, but rather on whether he'd heard any good stories about Gold Camp Road, Arms suggested I contact the Gold Hill Division police station, whose officers patrol up to the point where the road becomes county jurisdiction. When asked if the make-out scene in the Springs poses a problem, Arms answered, "No, because it's not a crime."

A call to the Gold Hill Division desk brought me to Sgt. Mark Comte, whom I hoped could offer at least one make-out-related bust related to our reader-voted best make-out spot. But instead of providing a fulfilling anecdote, Comte dashed my hopes like one of the many dames to refuse my invitations in years past to "take a drive up Gold Camp Road ... you know, to take in the scenery."

"We don't have the chance to get up there much," Comte said. "We're always so busy. That's probably why it's the best spot. We leave 'em alone."

Feeling defeated on my second query, I returned to the first: Why overlooks? What is it about looking down on glimmering lights that quickens the blood?

I decided to call my friend Amy Henry, who holds a master's degree from Naropa University in transpersonal psychology, with an ecopsychology concentration. Whatever she had to say would surely be fact.

Henry offered the following: "From my perspective, being in nature draws out of us an authentic and sacred sensuality. Nature allows us to access a certain rawness, a certain pure wildness that is an essential and primordial part of us. It is exciting, it is sexy, it is powerful and it is completely natural. Nature reflects to us our own naked beauty.

"One of my favorite quotes is from Bill Plotkin: 'Nature is the soul externalized.' So, it makes perfect sense to me that Independent readers would choose a natural spot like the overlooks off of Gold Camp Road as their favorite make-out spot. It is a place where heaven and Earth merge a place where lovers can commune, wild soul to wild soul."

Wrap your lips around that.

Matthew Schniper


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