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Libraries and the "disgusting" media


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"The bigger picture"

I am opposed to the plans to expand the current MSC Library. I believe that after the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012, and after the floods that occurred in 2013, we have to re-prioritize our needs and our wants. All of the arguments for the expansion are, and were, cogent before June, 2012. Last year, 29,000 people in Paradise CA woke up in the morning and didn't know that 85 people would die in a wildfire, and 90% of their town would be destroyed. I think that we citizens of MSC should be aware of the bigger picture. No one has a crystal ball. If I were to list the expansion of the current building among 99 other items, I would rank it in the lower 10 percentile.

I know that in the past the voters have rejected moving the Fire Dept., Police Dept. and City Hall away from the flood plain. However, if the leadership in MSC, both formal and informal, were to convince the citizens that a new location should be found, two or three hundred feet above the flood plain, then we could build an adult library at the same location. It wold be ADA accessible and have the same, if not more, sq. footage as the expansion. The new Library could be as comfortable as the PPLD branches in Cheyenne Mountain and Rockrimmon. It would have the same amount of parking as the expansion, without cutting down three very large trees. The old Library could be designated a children's Library, for children, parents, tutors, and guardians. It is right in front of the Elementary School.

Someone recently asked "What can we do to fight Climate Change in 'little old' Manitou Springs"? In My Humble Opinion, we can "think globally and act locally".

— Roger Armstrong


I'm not a prude but I've never seen anything more disgusting than p. 12 of this week's edition. if I had a paid subscription to the Independent I'd be canceling today!

— Julie Foster

Editor's note: This is p. 12 of this week's Indy, referenced above:

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