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LGBTQ community allies show support

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LGBTQ community allies show their support in the days following the election.

John Brennan
  • John Brennan

John Brennan of Rockrimmon works at Independent Records.

Are you close with anyone who identifies as LGBTQ? Definitely.

Have you participated in or attended any LGBTQ events? Yeah, I actually went to Pride that was here downtown, you know, the big parade that went on and everything. It thought it was pretty cool. There were a lot of pretty colors and everyone was happy and there were people giving me free stuff. Other than that, I don't think I've ever been to any other specific LGBTQ event.

Are you concerned for your LGBTQ friends based on the results of the election? Yeah. I don't really know that much about politics or any of Trump's horrible policies that he's going to bring in or anything. But I know a lot of my friends are. I just don't know enough to know whether it's actually bad, or if I should be concerned.

Do you think the civil rights movement and the LGBTQ rights movement are comparable? I think it's totally comparable because there is obviously a problem. Again, to me, for someone who doesn't think about politics too much, it's hard for me to think that there are so many problems ... I'm sorry to say this, but there are so many problems in the system, like, why aren't women being paid the same as men? I just think that's fucked up. Why isn't a gay couple considered the same as a hetero union, why is that more quote-unquote valid than a lesbian or gay couple or whatever? I mean, people are people. They're fighting for these rights to have the same equality as a marriage, and they're fighting to be more open about their lifestyle choices.

The suicide rate is high among LGBTQ-identifying people. What can we do to prevent those numbers from increasing or remaining stagnant? Just be more accepting, be more happy. I think the suicide rate is less in general when people smile more.

Miette Hope and Mya Hansen
  • Miette Hope and Mya Hansen

Miette Hope and Mya Hansen of Boston, Massachusetts, study. music

Are you close with anyone within the LGBTQ community?

(Both): Yes.

Have either of you ever attended any LGBTQ events? (Miette): My mom runs the LGBTQ club at Rampart High School, so she has a party every year and I have gone the past few years. We just talk about LGBTQ issues and people share stories and it's usually pretty emotional. We have food. Stuff like that. And then another event was in Boston and it was students, but it was mainly LGBTQ students that were there. It was a rally against Trump after he won. (Mya): I went to the New York City Pride Parade and that was really big and festive and happy. And then I've been to a few parties thrown by my friends that are in the community. Oh, and Atlantic City has this thing called Miss'd America, and I went to that. It's a pageant geared toward trans people.

Do the results of the election have you concerned for the LGBTQ community? (Miette): I'm concerned because I think the main thing is that now people who are against the community and have been quiet for a long time and weren't comfortable expressing those views are now feeling comfortable under the presidency to discriminate and marginalize the community. But it's also kind of an exciting time because people who are a part of the community and allies of the community are going to come together and be a lot more supportive, I think. (Mya): I think in some instances, yes, the main thing I'd be concerned about is the vice president and how vocal he is about being against the LGBTQ community. That's not spreading acceptance and love, and that's something that needs to be spread more around the country. And I think it causes a lot more oppression when someone is leading the country and is not fully accepting. But there's a lot of hope and love and support going around, and I hope that overpowers what's going on in the government.

Say someone is loving toward LGBTQ-identifying people, but doesn't agree with you that their lifestyle choice is healthy or right? (Mya): It would definitely turn me off if someone said they don't believe in gay marriage, because I think that's a very religious belief and that we live in a country where that shouldn't be a factor.

A factor in laws, or in opinion? (Mya): In laws. But I was also raised to be really accepting of everyone and how they live and who they love, and I think a lot of people weren't raised in that environment. So I think that's all the more reason to be friends with those people. Love is love no matter who you love. (Miette): I agree with that sentiment because in being accepting of the LGBTQ community, I'm really just accepting of everybody and all walks of opinion. I have compassion for every single person that I meet, and I respect their opinions.

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