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Missing movie times

I like many of the changes the Indy has made, including Wednesday distribution and the table of contents. However, the change the Indy made to take the movie times section out of the hard-copy paper is driving me crazy!

Now, instead of being able to open the paper, turn to the movie section, and look up a movie time, I have to power up my laptop, go to the Indy website, and look up the movie time and place and write it on a piece of paper.

I realize this is probably more convenient for those people with smartphones, but for those of us who don't use cell phones very often, it is very, very inconvenient. Plus, I used to take the Indy paper movie section with me to the movie theater in case the film I wanted to see was sold out, then I could choose another film and get the start times.

You've totally screwed up my movie-picking routine. What would it hurt to put those movie times and places back into the paper and make me happy again?

— Kathryn Meinzer

Colorado Springs

Editor's note: Sorry, Kathryn. Having the paper distributed on Wednesdays, which you enjoy, is the sole reason for the absence of movie times. We finish each issue now on Tuesday morning, and the theaters don't know their times until too late for our new deadline. That's why the movie times went to just online. Unfortunately, we couldn't have our cake and eat it, too.

New opportunity

Now that you are publishing on Wednesdays, can you get the grocery ads into the Independent?

— Laura Dornbrack

Colorado Springs

Suffering even more

Excerpt of letter from the state of Colorado:

"In order to be eligible for and to continue to be paid Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits, you will need to continue to seek work and keep a record of all employers contacted for work. You must keep this record for a minimum of two years from the date that you filed your regular unemployment claim. We must be able to verify your job contacts."

As of March 25, anyone starting the first or second phase of EUC also will be required to complete new steps promoting a proactive approach toward getting the long-term unemployed back to work.

Here's a proactive approach: How about Congress taking a proactive approach to fixing the economy, instead of blaming the other side of the aisle? The real long-term unemployed, the forgotten 99ers, aren't still getting any unemployment, so how's this going to help them? Maybe they can get the jobs of the people who check these job contacts for the state, or the people who answer them for companies.

That would be a whole heckuva lot of jobs. Pay me to dig through 12,000 job applications, find the one from Gina Douglas, and fax it into the unemployment office. Heck, there would even be jobs scrutinizing the people who do the jobs. Or maybe, some company can make a gazillion dollars outsourcing this work to Bangalore.

It just shows how out-of-touch the governing class is with constituents. Blue Dog Democrats and the moderate Republicans can run under the umbrella of, "I voted to extend unemployment, but I put tough new requirements in there, too!" And nobody reports on how ridiculous these "tough new requirements" really are.

— Gina Douglas

Colorado Springs

Defending Haggard

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water, Larimore Nicholl supposedly smells blood and restarts his shark-like editorial attacks on everything sacred and church-related. This makes me PO'd (personally offended)!

In his recent letter ("Old-time religion," April 25), he bemoans various churches dividing over homosexuality but in the process spews his own form of intolerance, religious bigotry and mistaken facts.

While presenting his pseudo-spiritual concern, he restates lies and makes comments that he knows nothing of — that is, pertaining to Ted Haggard. He rehashes this falsehood: "First it was a mega-leader of a local mega-church, who nationally led the verbal abuse of gays everywhere ... Ted Haggard did major damage to his church along with damaging countless gays." What an emotionally charged crock of liberal abuse!

Mr. Nicholl, prove it! I challenge you to find one sound bite, one sermon, one written piece of evidence that shows Ted Haggard verbally abusing gays.

As an attendee of his former church, and now an active attendee of his new church, I have never heard him condemn, judge, bash or badmouth gay people. That has been a lie perpetuated by the media and over-zealous activists for their own cause.

In fact, two weeks ago we had several gay activists from Soulforce come to Saint James Church. They handed out their literature, and our congregation graciously received their material and welcomed them. Pastor Ted seated these leaders in the front row and had one of them sit by his wife.

He gave them free Starbucks cards and preached on God's love and Christ's atoning sacrifice for everyone. As they were leaving the service, they were heard to say, "Now this is what church should be all about!" Perhaps you need to experience this first-hand, Mr. Nicholl.

— Rev. Thomas Pedigo

Colorado Springs

Jesus and gays

An illustration of how Jesus might deal with a gay person is the story of the woman at the well. One important point is that the woman was a social outcast. The good religious people did not talk to her because she was disreputable.

Living in sin and changing her ways were not the first things Jesus talks to her about. Jesus' first words are about her future, not her present faults. He wants the woman to have "living water" that gives "eternal life."

Jesus is not talking to James Dobson or Ann Coulter; he is talking to Ian McKellen. In fact, when Jesus does talk about the woman's sinful life, all he does is briefly mention it. He does not negatively judge the woman, saying her actions are wrong, worthy of hell or an abomination. One could argue that Jesus only brought up the subject of the woman living with her boyfriend to show her he was something more than a crazy Jew.

I think this story illustrates how Jesus would deal with a gay person. I think Jesus would be hanging out and talking with the gay community. He would be concerned with whether the group was moving toward truth or not. As with the woman at the well, I doubt Jesus would judge the community as sinful.

A final point worth making is whom Jesus picked to help bring his message to the town. He picked the village slut, a person conventional religious people would be picketing against or humiliating on national radio. This was the person used to bring many people to Christ. I think the church minimizes its gay brothers and sisters at its own peril.

— Nathaniel Dakin

Colorado Springs

Real showboating

The Republicans are now complaining that the Obama administration is "politicizing" the first-year anniversary of the capture and death of Osama bin Laden. They are now at the point that they are going to distort and exaggerate every little word he says and every move he makes.

I have a great idea. Why doesn't President Obama dress up in a flight suit, fly in a Navy fighter and land on a flight deck, declaring, "Yee haw! Mission accomplished!"

— Jane Madden

Colorado Springs

Sinking ship

Maybe what Colorado Springs needs is participatory democracy and not the Neanderthal political thinking of the current establishment. Getting the commoners involved and not the same usual suspects might change the direction by one or two degrees or more — just enough to make a difference.

As for the trips the city leaders take ("Why look at other cities?" City Sage, April 11), maybe they're running away from their responsibilities as elected officials. None of them really want to be leaders, and none want to be inclusive. Real leadership wouldn't allow this fiasco regarding Memorial Health System's severance pay for the CEO, and the secret meetings on the leasing of same with no public involvement. Don't forget, folks. It's our hospital, not Council's or the mayor's.

As for public transportation ("Changing routes," News, April 25), I have a dirty little secret. There are very few public transportation systems in the world that don't use taxpayer monies for support.

The thinking here is that public transportation should be self-supporting or a public/private partnership.

So if the political establishment is not willing to support public transportation in a big way in Colorado Springs, the city should completely get out of the business and suffer the consequences — no growth and no future.

Face it! This town does not want to invest in itself. They have been relying on government handouts and others for so long they have no imagination to make the changes needed to improve Colorado Springs for the future. The city can hire all of the consultants in the world, gain the best advice, but it ends up doing nothing.

If the citizens of this town knew how little revenue the city gets from sales and property taxes, they would be shocked! But what can you do with a very weak economic base other than the military, which will eventually downsize?

— Gary Casimir

Colorado Springs


Personal challenge

I just finished reading your April 25 edition and have to wonder how at least two articles got published. Does anyone read these for compatibility before going to press?

First, Your Turn, written by a retired Air Force officer and ex-hospital administrator, states that "anything and everything worth accomplishing demands an investment." I then turn to the front page and in the upper-right corner the cost of the paper is — FREE.

Since I have no investment in this paper, I certainly have no investment in the pap written by someone with zero credentials to write such an article. Oh, sorry, it is a political article, and no credentials (or intelligence) required. My bad.

Next, Ralph Routon (Long Story Short) expounds on how many hours of great sacrifice he has spent being a journalist. This is an obvious tout for your main article about a 40-hour workweek.

The author is a "trained social futurist" (does this mean a Ph.D. in personal knowledge of peyote usage, tarot card reading, or maybe just a master's in palm reading?) who uses as her main source of information her husband's work, and he is a software engineer. Wow! That is impressive!

Other sources come from over 100 years ago to about 40 years ago. Even more impressive! Has there been no research since then?

The editor chose to highlight these quotes: "Without adequate rest, recreation, nutrition and time off to just be, people get dull and stupid" and "Cognitively speaking, losing an hour of sleep per night for a week leaves you legally drunk."

How dare you call Mr. Routon legally drunk, dull and stupid? Even if it is by his own admission. It is scary to think what he would do if he were smart and sober.

— Roger Weed

Colorado Springs


Thank you, Donna Arnink ("Hating the hate") and Phil Stahl ("Anti-anti-American"), for your insightful, articulate April 11 letters responding to Joan Christensen's hateful Obama letter ("Out with Obama," April 5).

Joan Christensen is a perfect example of the brainwashing fear tactics of FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and the Sean Hannitys of the world. If only these people would fact-check the garbage and out-and-out lies that spew from their mouths!

Thank you, too, Indy, for making us all do some thinking as this political fire heats up!

— Elaine Brush

Colorado Springs


The secret's out

About that once-Secret Service and the inevitable right-wing attribution of the outrageous behavior to President Obama:

Stop sending out into the world of work, of military service, and government service so many unprepared children who have been over-exposed to Animal House, Toddlers & Tiaras, Jersey Shore, the "housewife" TV shows, and other titillation-oriented media.

If you expect well-behaved adult-children with self-control and consciences, expose them to influences that will result in such behavior.

"As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined."

Looking into the Obama method of rearing children may be beneficial.

— Juanita Martin

Colorado Springs

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