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'Baby-making machines'

Thanks for an outstanding article ("The egg and I," cover story, Sept. 25) on the truly disturbing consequences of Amendment 48. Every woman should read it and realize the dangers before they vote.

Christian extremists want to turn our daughters into baby-making machines, and they will sacrifice our daughters to achieve their religious goals: no contraception, no abortion, not even if the mother's life could be in danger, not even if the unborn would die outside the womb.

They would have our daughters die to deliver an unborn that, in turn, would die anyway? Where is the sanity? The possibility of investigations into miscarriages is like some horror movie.

I have friends who have had tubal pregnancies. The unborn will not survive, yet women should lie in wait, suffering in pain, waiting for the tube to rupture and death be the consequence for both, just so an abortion wasn't performed?

If this amendment passes, I am packing up my daughter and getting the hell out of here. No way is a religious group going to tell me that an unborn has more constitutional rights than myself, or my daughter, the already born. No way will a group tell me I have to watch my daughter die to save the life of an unborn, or that I have to watch my daughter die so she can give birth to an unborn that is going to die.

This is pure insanity. Take a good look at your daughters, granddaughters, all the women in your life, give them a big kiss and tell them you love them, because they might lose their lives. I will not let these people have my daughter!

Debbie Hall


Recognize the science

The article "The egg and I" is seriously misleading as to the actual legal effect of Amendment 48. In short, under Article 48, Colorado law would recognize the science that we all begin our lives as genetically unique human beings at conception.

Amendment 48 does not change the federal case law inventing a right to abortion. Rather, Amendment 48 is designed to create a test case compelling federal courts to address the humanity of the unborn child in an effort to reverse Roe v. Wade and return the issue of abortion to the democratic process. Even if the Supreme Court were to reverse Roe and Amendment 48 went into effect, most of the hysterical claims made in "The egg and I" would never come to pass.

Amendment 48 alone does not outlaw anything. It simply states that current Colorado laws that apply to persons must include the unborn as well. There are no Colorado laws applying to persons that would ban contraception of any kind, and Amendment 48 does not change that fact.

Once you get past the unhelpful and misleading hysteria and snarks in "The egg and I," we voters are left with a serious question: When does human life begin? This choice is not above your pay grade and deserves an honest and thoughtful decision when you vote.

Bart DePalma

Woodland Park

Amendment 69

Wow! At first I thought this ("The egg and I") was some kind of bad sci-fi story line. When I realized this is a serious consideration, I was aghast. The horrifying implications of Amendment 48 boggle the rational mind.

Yet, after some consideration, I have come up with an equally radical idea that protects rights of the unborn, fish susceptible to hormonal contraceptive waste products, and the health and well-being of women.

I call it Amendment 69. First, every male 14 and older must submit to a vasectomy and receive a certificate of sterilization. Those unwilling to submit to this mandate must engage only in sexual activities that cannot result in pregnancy (thus the designation of the amendment). Any man impregnating a female with unwanted pregnancy will face civil and criminal charges. Vasectomy reversal can only be performed with a notarized authorization from a willing female.

For those who passionately believe that life begins at conception, I'm sure there will be no opposition to this proposal. After all, we should all make moral choices that are best for all our citizens.

Lois Maxwell

Colorado Springs

Answering Bruce

Doug Bruce says that his Initiatives 200 and 201 will eliminate an "illegal" Stormwater Enterprise and put the people in control of government. In reality, it will cut city revenue by over 17 percent and put our water supply in jeopardy.

Colorado Springs put a stormwater fee in place in the same manner as all Colorado communities did, without a vote of the people. Both the method and fee have been deemed legal by the Colorado Supreme Court. Bruce has harsh words for any court decision that does not go his way. He has sued the city over 15 times in recent years and has lost every case. Think what that has cost us as taxpayers.

As to putting the people in control of government, it seems Bruce really is saying that he wants to control city government. He showed disdain for the people in his elected post (county commissioner) and his appointed one (state legislator).

The people demonstrated they do control government at all levels when they voted Bruce out of office in August.

The last City Council election was a referendum on stormwater, as it was the most talked about issue. Four of the five council members who won supported the Stormwater Enterprise, while all but one of those who lost spoke against it. Now, all of a sudden Bruce is speaking against it while he was totally silent and uninvolved during the City Council election.

Voting no on 200 and 201 will allow us to continue to secure our future water needs and have a safer community.

Jerry Heimlicher

Colorado Springs City Council

Where's the beef?

Companies that save money using such practices as threadbare pension funds, tax evasion, lying about their books and lowball stock trading will all become subject to government scrutiny once this bailout begins. These practices are more widespread than the taxpayers even know. Our stocks and investments are really just a number on a piece of paper.

According to the New York Times, Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers earned $40.6 million, and AIG's Robert Willumstad was given $7 million for working just three months! Perhaps we are becoming socialists since we are privatizing these large corporations. China owns much of our debt.

Should we allow our military generals the opportunity to run our corporations? They earn around $120,000 a year and have more than 20 years leading people. That would save taxpayers millions.

Cynthia Lang

Colorado Springs

Palin comparison

Good job, Sarah Palin!

Good job for making it neat for young women to get pregnant!

Good job for not championing comprehensive sex education!

Good job for exploiting your own family to get votes for the Republican ticket!

Good job bad-mouthing Obama!

Good job upholding the pettiness of politics!

When this country elects a woman to its highest office, let's hope it is for the right reason, not for the votes her gender elicits. Let's also hope a woman candidate can talk about issues with truth and compassion. Let's hope the hard work of intelligent, bright women is not raped by the discourse of a female who doesn't even uphold issues that affect women in our country.

As women who are part of the real community, thanks but no thanks.

Sheri Orinjok and Patsy Bjork

Colorado Springs

Ready to lead?

John McCain and Sarah Palin claim to be agents of change: real "mavericks." However, McCain embraces most Bush policies, along with Bush's sleazy campaign tactics.

He has surrounded himself with special-interest lobbyists who influence his fiscal and foreign-relations policies. McCain focuses on personal attacks and false "diversions" rather than discussing substantive policy issues. McCain reacts to situations with childish belligerence and scripted sound bites, raising real questions about whether he has the character, temperament and judgment to lead the nation.

As for Palin, during her time as Alaska's governor she has put a premium on loyalty and secrecy, surrounding herself with church and school chums, and branding as "haters" those who dare disagree with her.

Mavericks, schmavericks!

Barack Obama is a man of character with vision to lead us forward and temperament and intellect to make sound decisions. When a situation arises, he remains calm and thinks before speaking. He looks his opponent in the eye while presenting his views, an important attribute in a world leader and something McCain seems incapable of doing. Obama far outshines McCain on the issues, from the economy to health care to education. Obama is a true leader who can help pull us through these turbulent times with a sense of optimism and hope.

Ann Bernhard

Colorado Springs

Fool me twice ...

This country has been undergoing a major dumbing-down for years, but the White House is not fooling anyone with this one. The Bush administration is using the banking crisis as a pretext to change the way this country operates. Along with taking trillions of dollars from the people and giving it to the richest bankers to do with as they see fit, they don't want government regulations and oversight.

This is democracy? The people spoke out and the bailout legislation failed.

We don't want backroom arm-twisting and hijacking of our democracy! After a weak Congress rubber-stamping Bush's illegal Iraq war and the loss of our civil rights with the Patriot Act, we are now supposed to be herded around like blind sheep again to give the White House and Wall Street dictatorial control over our money?

Forget it!

Sharlene White

Santa Fe, N.M.

Crime 'n grime

We have elected county commissioners, City Council and a sheriff to arrange for and oversee services for us all including public health, police, sheriff and jail. Now these officials have found these services at the level we depend on cannot be financially sustained.

With experts' help, they have examined alternatives. They have discussed future financing of these services through increased property tax (which would require triple the current mill levy), sale of parks (then they are gone) or a dedicated 1 percent sales tax. The sales tax is on the ballot as "The Safer Community Initiative 1-A."

How about the alternative of not finding more money and just taking our lumps? Sheriff Terry Maketa says we would have significantly fewer deputies to deal with crime, and significantly more criminals on the streets to commit crime because of significantly reduced jail capacity.

The health department would have further marked decreases in food-safety inspections, an increase in backlog for immunizations, and significantly decreased surveillance of tuberculosis, hepatitis and Salmonella infections along with other diseases. Programs to prevent teen suicide and ensure meth lab cleanups, now discontinued, could not be resumed. Mosquito control (to prevent West Nile Virus) and plague control will be threatened.

Doing without these health and safety services is a bad alternative.

Our commissioners have provided us services at the lowest sales tax and mill levy combined of any Front Range counties. Now they have reached a financial impasse, and they deserve our support.

Because our elected and hired officials, along with many concerned citizens, have decided the sales tax is best, I will vote for 1-A. I hope a large majority will also vote for 1-A after considering the alternatives.

Darryl Thatcher, M.D.

Colorado Springs

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