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Civilization lives
A very large thanks at your person, the Rich Tosches, for lighting horrible situation at ladies golf requirement English language proficiency of the speaking ("Golf's little language problem," Ranger Rich, Aug. 28). My person expresses great distress and fury of a very large anger at this LPGA. I speak words those of us which like it not should make for the protest by not attending events, or at another possible option, we unite and make protest outside.

Make the visual we could give birth at it if each event hordes of us with signs that speak such things as, "ENGLISH SPEAK WELL NOT EQUALS PLAY NOT, SO ATTEND NOT BY MY PERSON!"

We could protest from the fracture of darkness until the scarlet decline. This creates much confusion. Help make close this rule which is too strawberry of the neck for the days in which we are modern. Some persons speak that "if you don't learn English gooder, get hell out of my country!" I say place the hell in our country!

Dan Gardner
Colorado Springs

Editor's note: LPGA find senses, forget stupid rule. Breathe better now, but no forget any soon.

G's overreaction
Wow! After seeing the huge headline in the Gazette of Sept. 5, Mark Waller must be the scourge of the earth following a campaign finance clerical error. The Gazette gives the impression that Waller admitted to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby or having the location of Jimmy Hoffa's body.

The headline read, in giant print larger than any other on the page or opposing page, "Waller campaign fined for failing to report funds." After reading the article, I believe the print size and the headline itself were misleading. It should have read: "Bruce claim dismissed, but Waller still fined."

Mark Waller is an honest, hardworking, stand-up guy, not a typical politician promoting his own agenda. He's truly interested in doing the work of the people, and that's why he won the Republican primary.

James Dostal
Colorado Springs

Political hypocrisy
When Webster releases the next dictionary, I would like to suggest under the word "hypocrite" a photograph of Focus on the Family's own Dr. James Dobson.

For the past year, we heard Dobson repeatedly state he could neither support or vote for John McCain. Now Dobson not only supports McCain but has found a way to abandon his evangelical teachings and even supports McCain's running mate.

For months Dobson and his allies have been critical of Barack Obama's alleged lack of experience. McCain's choice of a small-town mayor with less than two years as governor of one of the least-populated states hardly inspires confidence for the next in line to a 72-year-old president. The Obama-Biden team clearly has more experience, domestically and internationally.

Most evangelicals are truly focused on their family and the mother's role in raising moral, Christian children. Sarah Palin's political ambitions have severely gotten in the way of her ability to raise children, including a special-needs infant. We now learn Palin's 17-year-old is pregnant out of wedlock. Yet as contrary to conservative, evangelical Christian beliefs as this is, Dobson even released a statement of support for Gov. Palin and her family.

Dobson is willing to abandon his Christian beliefs to support a man who abandoned his hospitalized, crippled wife to have an affair with another woman. Dobson must stop being such a hypocrite and put his values and convictions ahead of politics. It seems the Democratic candidates are truly more focused on their families.

Patrick M. Faley
Colorado Springs

The Palin sensation
John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for running mate is a sensationalist tactic to take the spotlight from Barack Obama, who has our best interests at heart with progressive plans for real change.

Along with her anti-abortion views even in cases of rape and incest, and the rest of her extreme right-wing agenda, Palin's education consists of a bachelor's degree in journalism; and as a governor, she is under investigation for illegal use of her office.

Selecting Palin is a grave insult on so many levels, to American women and everyone. What messages do Palin's values send to our children, especially those who might strive for education and experience, but realize they need only become a media star to reach America's second-highest office? This brings great shame to our country, and lack of respect from the rest of the world.

Sharlene White
Santa Fe, N.M.

Ethical breach
It's a shame to see a great man like John McCain fall into the pressure of media-based politics. He had far better choices until he nominated Sarah Palin. Her far-right views and mudslinging tactics won't go far with the average American voter.

Congress has made it clear that religion does not belong in schools, yet she wants to teach creationism along with science. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, but she wanted to pull books from her hometown library. In a speech last year she said: "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war."

It didn't affect her until her son and nephew were military members.

Palin has a pregnant teenage daughter, and while some commend that she is keeping the baby, other girls in our very large community here have been snubbed, harassed, labeled and publicly degraded because they didn't practice abstinence.

A vote for John McCain is no longer a vote for his heroism and true ethics, it is merely one step closer to presidency for Sarah Palin.

Phyllis Cruikshank

Prayers answered
I waited for the biblical rains. They did not come until the day John McCain chose Sarah Palin. So, James Dobson, to "your word" that you not only condone teenage pregnancy, you support unwed mothers: According to you, God has spoken ... and as long as I do not have sex with Monica Lewinsky, I am heaven-bound.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

Jennifer Mckenzie
Colorado Springs

Primal instincts
I found myself doodling on the front-page picture of Sarah Palin without really thinking about it. Why does this person bother me so much? Why do I have a primal instinct to draw horns on her picture? Why can't I just go along? She is a woman, and according to the greatest GOP minds, the fact we share chromosomes should endear me to her. But somehow it isn't working.

True, she may be a loving wife and mother. But the cold truth is, those imaginary horns are real. Sarah Palin is one scary mamma.

Someone who can hunt a moose scares me. And a hockey mom? We have soccer moms here, some of the most dangerous women on the planet, but Palin could take care of them as easily as a moose in her sights. And her politics are even more terrifying. She has called the Iraq war "a task that is from God."

It makes me wonder if we share the same God. She is extremely conservative to the point of backwardness in her views on sex education and abortion. As for abortion, forget any right to choose in consensual cases; she thinks it should not even be allowed in rape or incest.

Sarah Palin, the moose-hunting, hockey mom who threatens to fire librarians, and thinks God is sending us on some holy war in Iraq. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Aimee Koster
Colorado Springs

Hillary envy
Now that we have seen the spectacle of the Promise Keeper Party lying down in wind-rows to worship a Super-Alpha female of their very own, at least we should be able to recognize their rabid, decade-long hatred of Hillary Clinton for what it always was: purely Hillary-envy.

James Lockhart
Colorado Springs

John McCain and Sarah Palin think they're "mavericks," but Karl Rove is their horse whisperer.

Renna Shesso

A vote for Palin
I cannot believe the jealous Democrat women are out to get Sarah Palin. Thank God, what a change. She is smart, vivacious (please leave her family alone), intelligent, pleasant and will be a big help to John McCain. He has experience to lead our country, not like the know-it-all, arrogant Barack Obama who in his very short time in government never had a bill passed, no military service and when he was in Germany, he acted as if he was president already.

No doubt he will raise taxes and will put this country into a social state (everyone wants a handout). This is not what our forefathers wanted. To top it off, Obama picked the old Joe Biden, not liked even in his own state. Republicans have learned from their mistakes, and McCain will be different from Bush.

Elfriede Little
Colorado Springs

Palin's priorities
Sarah Palin has told us that she is a radical. It's drill, drill, drill. To heck with environment and protecting wildlife. That's the only message she has. Nothing about people trying to make ends meet, homes being repossessed, trying to buy food and not being able to afford it.

She's a pit bull with lipstick, and that's all she is. Doesn't talk about equal pay for women. She will put us back 100 years. I hope people do not look at a pretty face and think she and McCain are the answer to our problems.

Palin has close ties to Big Oil. Her inauguration was sponsored by BP. She did support the Bridge to Nowhere (before she opposed it). In 2006, Palin supported the project repeatedly, saying that Alaska should take advantage of earmarks "while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist."

The Republican Party has lost its way. As a registered Republican, I'm very sad we've left the Eisenhower GOP and now are the fringe radical right.

Betsy Meier
Colorado Springs

Pundit challenge
Since this is a presidential campaign season, isn't it time we demand our politicians and media pundits speak straightforward, concise American English? Step up and take their games to the next level? Going forward, wouldn't that be better for all of us? Absolutely.

After all, at the end of the day, it's not about them, it's about us. We can all agree with that. Or would that be disingenuous?

Mike Wall
Colorado Springs

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