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Pion possibility
I have studied the new Army expansion proposal for Pion Canyon and have attended numerous meetings over the years concerning this matter, including the recent gathering in Trinidad. The property owners and residents of Las Animas County oppose the Army's plan by an overwhelming majority. I live in El Paso County, and all levels of government here and the business community and citizenry are in total support of the idea.

Here is my proposal:

Scrap the original plan and start over. This means shutting down the current site and building a new state-of-the-art maneuver area in eastern El Paso County. All elements of support already exist. Several large landowners in that area of the county should be easily persuaded to sell for the right price. And the savings on fuel costs to move all the equipment 150 miles each time a maneuver is conducted can be cut to one-third or one-fourth the cost. The current maneuver site was created when fuel prices were only a fraction of what they are now.

Fort Carson touts its "sustainability" program. Here's a chance for a real "win-win" situation. I hope the Army will jump on board this initiative.

Think outside the box!

Bill Sulzman

Colorado Springs

Newsome's implosion
Four years ago, we entrusted our DA office to John Newsome, who ran on his integrity. He alone betrayed that trust. Because of his own behavior, our DA office became a point of ridicule. Newsome brought disgrace to his office and disgrace to our state. It was his own actions that brought turmoil to our community.

Newsome claimed on radio that the Democrats were trying to take him out. There were no Democratic candidates vying for his position. So why would he say this, especially since he also had two Democratic DA endorsements listed on his Web site? (I wonder how DAs Lee Hawke and Mary Lacy felt when they heard this.)

That argument had no substance. Neither did Newsome's assertions that he was merely the victim of smear campaign tactics during an election year. The press did its job in reporting his excessive drinking and driving escapades, as well as his alleged misuse of public funds, to our attention. The media did this not because it was an election year, but because Newsome chose to behave unfashionably.

No matter how much Newsome shouted and screamed that these stories were just politically motivated, we could not totally ignore the press nor the fact he put our county at risk. If he had acted ethically, there would have been no stories no contest.

At the time the stories aired, there was no political contest for DA; Newsome had it made. He alone, not the press nor the Democrats, is responsible for the situation that he now finds himself in.

Karen Smith

Colorado Springs

Corsi: Don't be fooled
As the author of 12 published novels and multiple stories in fantasy anthologies, I realize how ludicrous it is to list Jerome Corsi's misnomer, Obama Nation, as a "bestseller" in the New York Times. Bulk sales do not guarantee actual sales; a few organizations and perhaps retailers purchased many books. Some right-wing "nonprofits" will undoubtedly give this propaganda away as a means to further their ongoing, heinous mission of brainwashing their followers.

The right-wing hate machine is alive and well. This book was not purchased on its merit. The editor who contracted and published it is deeply enmeshed in the hate machine herself, as a former Cheney staff member. This book of lies, a more appropriate title, contains footnotes, as any nonfiction work should. However, nine out of Corsi's first 12 footnotes cite Corsi as his own source!

In The Late Great USA, Corsi suggests "the real reason behind President Bush's push for immigration reform is to unite the United States, Mexico and Canada by erasing borders and creating a North American Union." Surely this must be a work of fantasy. I find it difficult to believe any legitimate publisher would consider it "nonfiction."

There's more. Corsi has written that there is no end to oil. Really? Let's hope not, since it's destroying what's left of our atmosphere.

Almost every word in Obama Nation is a lie, the product of a man filled with hate, and a tool in the GOP's attempt to buy yet another election.

I believe Americans are wiser than in 2000 and 2004. We won't allow this to happen again. I ask you to walk past this book when you see it on the shelf. Don't legitimize this so-called "author" for spewing twisted hatred and venom.

Yes, we can! And we will ...

Deb Stover

Palmer Lake

Not so friendly
I feel moved by Susan Craig's plaintive cry for more political discussion among friends ("Hush, hush," Letters, Aug. 14). But she probably won't like my answer. I can see why she thinks her Republican friends are no fun, since probably they would rather have a sharp stick in the eye than get trapped in one of these enlightening "discussions."

Perhaps the disconnect lies in the term "discussion," since many who feel passionately about subjects instead rant, and also insult the person with whom they disagree. When I actually attempted to engage in political dialog and respond to questions, the superior liberal debater usually tore me a new one, leaving me gasping for breath and ready to leap out the nearest second-story window to escape. I was given to understand that I was a knuckle-dragging cretin: uneducated, unaware and ignorant to question the undeniable logic of the debater. It bore no resemblance to civilized conversation and discourse as I knew it.

It is human nature to want your beliefs validated, no matter which side of the fence you are on. I guess having "discussions" with people who have the same agenda takes all the fun out of trying to convert a knuckle-dragger like me, who doesn't even have the excuse of listening to Rush. Maybe believing that I have the right to think however I want makes me a ... Freethinker?

Geraldine Russell

Colorado Springs

PPJPC's motives
Two Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission board members, Genie Durland and Dorothy Schlaeger, wrote ("What would Gandhi do?" Letters, Aug. 14) trying to explain why the group's officers locked some members out of the PPJPC building where we tried to hold a meeting.

To compound the insult, vice chair Jo Ann Neiman called police when she saw us still meeting on the sidewalk. She wanted us to be told we were trespassing!

Genie and Dorothy implied that we, as PPJPC members, were violence-prone, and they used excessive religiosity about Gandhi to do so. They mixed their own religious beliefs with what they see as the teachings of the Hindu religious leader, Gandhi.

What is Gandhian nonviolent about suggesting we are violence-prone? You do the Colorado Springs police a big favor, labeling others among the PPJPC and general public in such a manner. You are actually encouraging police violence against us with this rhetoric. We are all people who have never engaged in any violent acts at all. You are playing a game of holier-than-thou, and the Indy was correct in labeling and titling that as "Malice in the movement."

What also is Gandhi-like in calling the police on us? What is nonviolent in locking us out of the PPJPC building? Most of all, why is PPJPC organized to have a single membership meeting per year? That is undemocratic community organization, not nonviolence. This is the real issue of concern. We tried to meet because we want internal democracy within PPJPC.

We respect your religious beliefs about nonviolence, but we ask you not to force these beliefs on others. We look forward to continuing to work with you together in the future, as in the past, inside PPJPC.

Tony Abdo

Colorado Springs

Defending intolerance
This is in response to Bernadette Young ("Out with NASCAR," Letters, July 31). As an extreme conservative, I take the position that "if I don't have to pay for it, I don't care what you do." Here's why people should drive around in a circle:

It may look like a bunch of "Bubbas" drinking beer and having a good time, but there is a lot of technology in this leading-edge sport, which translates to the safety and fuel efficiency of your little car.

NASCAR sponsors the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma, a blood/marrow drive and a scholarship program. It also keeps people employed, thus out of my checkbook.

If you want useless activities, look at the Pikes Peak Center. People go there to watch other people prance around on stage and make noise. For that matter, the art galleries should continue with what they have started, a landfill, as they contain nothing but trash and rubbish. Both activities cost a lot to heat, cool and light. Shucks, we could use all that wasted energy to power a couple gas wells on Mount Herman.

Combine that with public parks, which should be made into something useful like shopping malls. Instead, people sit around, in dog poop, watch concerts, plays and a multitude of other activities, creating only traffic and parking problems, noise, litter and annoy the neighbors.

Do not get me started on Starbucks.

Stephen Malfatti


Accepting TBIs
Thanks for your articles on traumatic brain injury ("Losing their minds," cover story, Aug. 7). A close cousin has post-concussion syndrome. Athletes, car accident victims and soldiers suffer these injuries.

How about follow-ups on what families, friends and co-workers can do to spot symptoms and help the injured person? I'd like to see long-term effects: headaches 10 or more years after the injury, effects of medication and so on. Top priority for me would be to inform both injured persons and loved ones how to deal with brain injuries.

Here is a start:

Do: sleep regular hours, use a scheduler, eat healthy, drink water, take fish oil, mental exercise (, learn something new, keep loved ones informed, stay calm, exercise daily, seek professional help for depression or anxiety. Enjoy life, stay positive, love yourself.

Don't: drink alcohol or do drugs, stress out, isolate yourself. The injured person may become a different person, but stay the course and recovery will come. Life will get better.

Theresa Null

Colorado Springs

Look at ourselves
Ugh. In America we can't say anything about anyone anymore!

The world is made up of different cultures, different people and sexes. We ignore that and press on as if everyone should be the same. Actually, it's more like we want everyone to be nothing.

We're not all the same! It's our own guilt over slavery and the way we've treated the Indian tribes (Yes, I used the word Indian!) and women and gays and whoever that makes us overcompensate for any reference to a particular type of human. But we still have our own little prejudices, and that's really why we make a fuss.

"Can a black president really happen?" "Can a woman become president?" Just asking the question shows who we really are.

Steve Suhre

Colorado Springs

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