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Editor's note: The Independent received a slew of letters complaining of Adelphia's decision to move The Daily Show from 9 p.m. to midnight in Colorado Springs as part of a reshuffle of its Comedy Central channel lineup. For more commentary, see this week's letters to the editor, as well as Public Eye.

The slippery slope

When a friend told me they were moving The Daily Show to midnight, my first reaction was the same as last week's letter writer Demetra Pulos' ... outrage.

My mother had said, when watching Stewart, whom we both love, "He better watch out. He's way too out front and anti-Bush. Watch them take him off the air." I thought she was way overboard. But when I heard this I realized she was right!

For Adelphia to succumb to the pressure from Focus or their friends is a sadder day for the rest of us, on so many fronts. Our news is watered down, feisty anchormen are being "put to rest," our Bill of Rights is basically abolished, constraints in the name of "morality" and "terrorism" are growing daily, and now even these simple pleasures, as The Daily Show, are being controlled. Wow. Fear Factor is not a TV show; it's the Republican chant. They are afraid of anything that disturbs their moral majority "takeover" (which I find immoral on so many levels) and even worse, they use fear to rule.

When people grow weary enough of it, will we stand as strong and peaceful as the Ukraine people when they peacefully stood ground, en masse, numbers too large to ignore, to face their political "'wrongs" or will we just roll over as we, and corporate America, seem to be doing so well.

Of course if we did the same, I doubt the Guard would refrain from shooting.

-- Shelley Moore

Colorado Springs

Money for nothing

I am enraged. Just so you know ... I think it's ridiculous, and I will be calling Adelphia, because I pay $116.83 per month for their craptastic cable.

Jeff Moore

Colorado Springs

Looking to TIVO

Yes, it would upset me if Adelphia, not Comedy Central, moved the time of the Daily Show to midnight. I would consider going back to a dish, buying a TIVO (and not supporting any of Adelphia's advertisers), or just canceling all services. I think it's a shame.

-- Jeff Gaddis

Colorado Springs

Bringing us in line

Does it ever stop? Why is it that the powers that be just won't leave things alone? I am truly getting sick of being told what is best for me, because it sure seems like it ... I'm tired of paying more and more and getting less and less. Moving The Daily Show to midnight is part of the bringing us all in line for a right-wing brainwashing ... because moving it to midnight is a prelude to axing it. Dirty f---ing bastards!

-- Tim Marfisi

Colorado Springs

Don't take it away

Yeah, I'm very much against Adelphia effectively removing The Daily Show from the Colorado Springs market. I've written Mike Ross and left a message on the Adelphia Web site.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do. My teenage kids love Stewart and his content -- don't let them take that away from us!!!!

-- Jeff Eichengreen

Colorado Springs

Being marginalized

I am incensed at the moving of the Jon Stewart show to midnight, thus likely cutting its viewership by 50 percent or more. It is obviously a political move. The Daily Show has become one of the most popular shows on cable, winning many awards, and winning great recognition. Its move is a disgrace.

Not long ago there was a show carried by Adelphia called News World International out of Canada. It was done very well and gave a much-needed and nonpartisan view outside the United States of the news around the world. We watched it every morning. It was taken off the air without so much as an explanation by Adelphia.

Slowly, the shows I like to watch are being removed or marginalized to the wee hours by Adelphia. I pay over $140 a month for this service (including Web access). While Adelphia has added channels, I find those I watch to be reducing in numbers. It seems a third are promotional channels, way too many are religious based, and many are without any merit whatsoever.

I would like an option where I can deselect channels I do not wish to have come into my house and see my bill reduced. I already block the FOX News Channel so that I don't accidentally tune into it and think I am seeing the news. I would particularly like to cut out the religious channels. I don't think I should pay for their proselytizing. Should they be available -- sure -- but like many of the special interest programs now on cable beyond my package price (which was supposed to be all channels) that charge a fee to access; religious channels should be treated the same.

I am giving strong consideration to finding an alterative to Adelphia.

-- Frank Whitworth

Colorado Springs

All he's got

I'm an avid reader of the Independent and watcher of The Daily Show. Please, please, please don't let them move it to midnight. It's all I've got! Just kidding, but I would love for the Indy to put together a petition to stop this from happening. Thanks.

-- Joseph Hough

Colorado Springs

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