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Meet Ed's angels

I'm interested in the Jesus and Mary action figures, as featured in last week's gift guide, particularly the one named Angel. Specifically, I would like to know if he/she resembles the Angels I have known.

One Angel was a hooker who worked the corner of Geary and Leavenworth in San Francisco, along with her colleagues, Duchess and Tiffany. Angel is a little cutie whose blonde hair is every bit as natural as her pointy breasts. She once asked Katy, the local wiseass waitress, if her newly painted nails made her look slutty. Katy's deadpan reply was, "Well, Angel, they do kind of make you look like a whore."

The other Angel lives near Espaola, wears shades all the time, has an awesome waterfall/ducktail grease-job hairdo, and drives a really cool '54 Hudson lowrider with flames painted on the hood and front fenders. Oh, and when he talks, his cigarette bobs up and down but it never falls off his lower lip!

Come to think of it, Jesus would probably hang out with both my Angels instead of the cheesy whitebread angel that comes with the kit.

-- Ed Fields

Colorado Springs

Best thing going

In response to last week's letter, "Credit where it's due" regarding the daily newspaper's wrappers: We gave up our almost free subscription to The Gazette when we no longer needed the excellent blue plastic bags. They were the best thing going for storing used diapers 'til garbage day.

-- Marvin Lee Berkman

Colorado Springs

A little advice

An open letter to the City Council: Our community has great assets in its view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range foothills.

We need a View Protection Ordinance similar to Denver's. Do not allow another disgraceful "Scar on the Mountain" to happen on your watch! Please consider voting at your next meeting in favor of this proposal. This is urgent and should be passed as an emergency ordinance.

If we already had the foresight to institute such an ordinance, it would have prevented our County's outrageous attempt to sneak in and permanently park a massive building directly in front of the view of Pikes Peak! Talk about effrontery!

As far as jail options, there is the obvious: By not packing the can full of "little fish" (nonviolent, low-level, pot-possession offenders, etc.), we save the taxpayers free bed & breakfast for the "big fish," i.e., the bad guys.

Finally, a successful jail housing solution used by Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio proves that we don't need to treat criminals like hotel guests -- and, by eliminating bus services treat our poor and disabled bus patrons like nonentities simply because they are nondrivers.

Check out this Web site for a solution: tentcity

-- Paul Spielman

Colorado Springs

Punish them

First of all, I wanted to thank the Independent for documenting and accurately reporting the numerous "offenses" committed by our elected officials (e.g. GOP Chairman Chuck Broerman submitting false information to obtain parking meter hoods in order to park two large trailers downtown bearing banners for the loathsome and despicable Wayne Allard and Ed Jones).

You are the only local media outlet that has had the courage to expose and rightly denounce the four county commissioners (namely Tom Huffman and Chuck Brown) that violated the will of the people -- the most recent example being the commissioners' stubborn, to say the least, insistence on funding a jail expansion, after the voters overwhelmingly rejected the ballot proposal to raise taxes to pay for the project ("In the Dark," News, Dec. 12-18).

The degree of arrogance that has been displayed coupled with the blatant and unabashed trampling of voter intent is not only disgusting, reprehensible and intolerable, but also, and most importantly, undemocratic.

It is my firm and unwavering belief that those who voted for this illicit county budget initiative should be held accountable for their actions. Therefore, I demand that Chairman Tom Huffman and Commissioner Chuck Brown be removed from office via a recall election.

As voters, we must send a clear and unequivocal message -- as not to diminish our authority and credibility -- to those who would subvert, deceive or defraud (either overtly or covertly) the people they represent, that they will be duly and justly punished.

I hope this letter serves as inspiration to those who have been hesitant or even afraid to raise their voices and publicly protest this illicit, unnerving and alarming political misconduct.

-- Sam M. Schlabaugh

University Democrats Chairman


Throw the bums out

Vinnie Iuppa doesn't go far enough back in his search for solutions regarding the jail boondoggle in El Paso County ("Taste of reality," Letters, Dec. 5-11). The problems there are not due to a lack of "meaningful reforms."

El Paso County's destructive fiscal and social problems are due to too much growth, too fast. And the people that drive that growth appear to be corrupt, power-and-money-hungry El Paso County Board of County Commissioners (and their sidekicks, the developers) and the Colorado Springs mayor and City Council.

What should be happening in El Paso County is the same thing that will be happening up here in Teller County -- the recall of all of your corrupt public officials. Throw the bums out! (Please don't send any more of them to our state government!!)

-- Jan Jackson


Enforce the laws

Re: "Matricula Melee: Group threatens fight over Mexican ID cards" from the Dec. 12 issue of the Independent:

Contrary to Police Chief Luis Velez's assertions, both local police and the federal government can enforce immigration laws. As the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service has only several thousand agents who enforce immigration law, federal legislation passed in 1996 allows local police forces to receive extensive training in immigration-related matters, and local police forces are specifically authorized to enforce immigration laws.

Local police forces already enforce federal laws of all kinds, and immigration law is not and should not be an exception.

-- Christopher S. Edwards

New York, N.Y.

Foot in the door

Americans who are inclined to accept Mexican ID cards should heed the following:

A Zogby poll released this June showed that 58 percent of Mexicans in Mexico believe that the U.S. Southwest rightfully belongs to them. This poll is consistent with the claims made publicly by numerous Mexican-American leaders that it is only a matter of time before Mexico retakes the U.S. Southwest.

Ernesto Zedilo, then-president of Mexico, said in 1997 in Chicago that the Mexican nation "extends beyond its territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important, very important part of it."

Prize-winning Mexican novelist Elena Poniatowska, who has taught at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other colleges, cannot be clearer: "Mexico is recovering the territories yielded to the United States by means of migratory tactics." The 2000 Census supports those claims.

Is this why Mexico and Mexican-American activists are pushing vigorously for the acceptance of Mexican ID cards, another amnesty and benefits for millions of illegal Mexicans, such as in-state tuition and driver's licenses?

-- Yeh Ling-Ling

Executive Director

Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America

Oakland, Calif.

The biggest threat

Massive illegal immigration from Mexico is a cancer eating away at U.S. citizenship, sovereignty and the rule of law.

The Mexican government is attempting to halt the deportation of its nationals illegally domiciled in the United States by issuing identification cards (Matricula Consular) hoping pandering, clueless and unprincipled local U.S. law enforcement agencies will recognize them.

The truth is the only people who need these cards are illegal aliens and anyone in possession of one might as well be wearing a T-shirt saying, "I am an illegal alien."

It is time for Americans to stand up to a hostile meddling Mexican government whose expansionist policy of Reconquista, or the take-back of land lost by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848, using "migratory tactics," is threatening the break up of our country.

-- Larry Brown

Riverside, Calif.

Pause for thought

This is in response to Dr. Kretzschmar's letter ("An ignorant decision," Nov. 28-Dec. 4).

When we start evaluating moral decisions based strictly on monetary merit, we are no better than those who exterminated the sick, the disabled or the Jews. That is a very scary thought.

-- Michelle Wallace

Colorado Springs

Joys of ferreting

For those of you who are considering buying someone a ferret for Christmas, please read this information!

I am the happy "owner" of two wonderful ferrets, a male and female, and they are such a joy. They play together, they sleep together, they eat together.

This brings me to Point #1. Please don't get just one ferret -- get two. A ferret needs another ferret to hang with. We started with only one, then adopted a second one, and what a difference that made.

Point #2: Please don't leave your ferrets in their cage for days on end. Let them out for exercise and playtime morning and night. Yes, ferrets do sleep a lot -- but they must be allowed out to exercise, plus they are such fun to play with.

Point #3: No need to buy expensive "toys." Provide a paper bag, a cardboard box with holes cut in it, an old backpack with pockets to explore, and a furry cat toy on the end of a string and you've got endless hours of entertainment for you and your ferrets to enjoy.

Lastly, look in the newspaper ads for ferrets who need new homes. Oftentimes you'll get the two ferrets and their cage for a lot less than going to a pet store. Have fun with these wonderful creatures.

-- Carol Buchanan

Westminster, Colo.

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