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Break that mold

The letter submitted by Carroll Westbrook in the July 4-10 issue is, quite possibly, the most offensive thing I have ever seen printed in the Independent.

Not only do I take great offense at his opinion that "all you folks are either women or draft dodgers," his letter seems to be written with the kind of blind patriotism that has led to the current state of affairs in the U.S.

Which brings me to the real point: The loss of his precious fireworks is hardly the "greatest single blow to our American way of life." The greatest single blow, if anything, is the economic corruption and devolution of our civil liberties that now permeate this once great nation.

Mr. Westbrook seems to have a frighteningly self-righteous outlook. I am very sorry that he has lost his precious fireworks. In fact, I was looking forward to them myself. But to blame as many people as possible for supporting a sensible precaution? This is not what would make the U.S.A. the ideal nation Mr. Westbrook seems to strive for.

In short, Carroll Westbrook is far from the type of Model American that I want "protecting my ass."

-- Andrew Ball

Colorado Springs

Moral sensibilities

I have a neighbor who keeps a shotgun in his home. Though this is an obvious threat to my family, having moral sensibilities I haven't even killed him yet.

I just made it clear to him that I would kill his wife and then one kid a week until he gets rid of that dangerous thing. Well, time passed, the whole damn bunch has been sent to a better world, and he still refuses to do what I say! He obviously doesn't even care. So now it looks like I have to start on his parents! What an evil guy!

By the way, I couldn't agree more with letter writer Chuck Goldsmith [Letters to the editor, June 27-July 3].

The deaths of one million Iraqi children, though a direct cause of UN resolutions forced and maintained by the U.S. with constant veto threats, are entirely the fault of Saddam Hussein who is obviously a bad guy. Gee, you know, you try to be polite but some folks just won't listen. Chuck is right. It isn't as if good Americans are dropping like flies. It's just a bunch of Arab camel jockeys. For heaven's sake, stop the hand wringing!

-- Michael Harris

Colorado Springs

Brainwashed populace

Chuck Goldsmith's June 27 letter to the editor is based strictly on government/media propaganda.

Keep in mind when "capitalist" France tried to regain part of their Inde-China colonial holding in Vietnam; their capitalist media went right along with their government's propaganda that they were there for freedom and democracy when in fact they were there for tungsten, iron ore, etc.

All capitalist countries involved in Imperialism and/or Colonialism spout the same lies to their brainwashed populace in order to control the world's cheap resources, cheap labor and market monopolies.

Ask Tom Brokaw and Paul Harvey, who have stated that "Kuwait was doing slant-oil drilling into Iraq's Rumaila oil fields." If a country stole our oil like this, how would we retaliate?

Before the war, Iraq had socialized free medicine and education, people (women) dressed mostly in Western attire and there was more freedom from and for religion than any other Arab country. Because of this economic sabotage and because historically Kuwait was a part of Iraq, Saddam invaded.

Do you think the British Imperialists who controlled Iraq after World War I or the United States who controls most of the Arab oil and keeps their client dictators in power are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts or for economic control and selfish greed?

Question not your blind belief; opens mindedness and investigation might bring you relief!

-- Jean Christian

Colorado Springs

Blame the liberals

I believe any American has a right to be an atheist or believer. However, this 9th Circuit Court ruling brought on by this atheist is a decision forcing his beliefs upon the rest of the nation.

I also find it galling to claim that saying "Under God" is offensive and hurtful to his kindergarten-aged daughter. What does a child of that age even know the difference? Using his daughter for the purpose of subjugating the rest of the nation with his hateful ideas is disgraceful.

The Democrats in the Congress all stood up for the Pledge, but do not be fooled. These charlatans are only upset because if they must be against the ruling, which most would agree with, they would lose votes.

The best I can say for this situation is that maybe there will be a wakeup call to the rest of the nation as to the travesty of Liberalism and Political Correctness. It is truly "The Inmates Running the Asylum." This is more reason why we need conservative judges appointed to the federal benches.

Liberalism is hurtful to the country in more ways than one.

-- Steve Levine


Please remember this

I have been hearing a lot of propaganda lately by Republican Party members slamming Democrats for being unpatriotic while at the same time heralding their party as the only party that is capable of winning a war.

To this I would like to point out that the United States was victorious in both World War I and II with a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic-controlled House and Senate for the vast majority of those war years.

Democratic President Woodrow Wilson led the United States to total victory over Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria in World War I while it was the great Democrat, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that led America to success over Germany, Italy and Japan in World War II.

Also keep in mind that in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Democratic President John F. Kennedy (a liberal at that), faced down Nikita Khrushchev in what was the start of victory for the U.S. in the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

As far as being patriotic, let's look at the U.S. House and Senate leadership. Democrat Richard Gephardt, House Minority Leader, and Democrat Tom Daschle, Senate Majority Leader, both served their country in uniform while Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey and Republican Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott avoided the draft and did not serve their country.

This is just to point out that Democrats are just as American and patriotic as the next person and I would ask the Republicans to remember this.

-- Steve Plutt

Lake George

Solutions flow downhill

I just read your article "Held for Ransom" [News, June 20] and couldn't help but comment. As a St. Louis, Missourian about to visit your communities, I can see this issue as a third party because I have no loyalties to anyone in your city.

As a tourist, I visited Colorado last when I was in my early teenage years and now, in my late 30s, I hope to bring a group of friends to their first real encounter with mountains.

Part of my memories of your state is the water, ever flowing, always looking pure and cold. Your round stones, polished by the endless rolling of the water, distinguishes your scenery as much as the mountains do.

The stream that your article speaks of must be a small one. It seems almost insignificant to the needs of a thriving city such as Colorado Springs. However, it also appears that with your drought, suddenly those few sparse drops of water have become a divisive issue ... Actually over money.

In other parts of the country, we read about your drought, your fires and feel for you. We think about your beautiful forests and the wonderful wildlife snuffed out by an alleged selfish act. I, personally, can't wait to feel your mountain air and hear the silence that you probably take for granted.

Do you forget what you have to offer the rest of us?

I don't know the technicalities of how your water system operates or what significance one little stream has to your tourism dollars and ecosystem but I do, from an outsider's standpoint, see that there's plenty of room to come together for a solution.

Maybe pump half the water from upstream and half from the downstream intake and pay a little more to the water company to get this accomplished? That would provide water in the stream, preserving the wildlife but still allow the water company to provide the service you expect.

This is a time when your communities need to stand together against the common foe. Standing together, even with such opposing views, you'll get through this and attract many more tourists to your beautiful state and city.

Ruxton Creek, eh? I'll stop by in late July and see which tiny little stream stirred up such a commotion!

-- Jerry Prsha

St. Louis, Missouri

Saving the world

Thank you for your coverage of Ron Forthofer's Colorado Springs appearance to announce his Green Party candidacy for the governorship of our state [News, June 27].

Because mainstream media chooses to ignore the campaigns of third-party candidates, our best hope for restoring democracy and choice to our citizens rests with you, the few independent media voices not controlled by the corporate gray eminence that currently pulls all the strings in our society. Keep up the good work.

Incidentally, the Green Party is also running a candidate for state attorney general, Alison "Sunny" Maynard.

-- Lauren Arnest

co-chair, Pikes Peak Green Party

Colorado Springs

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