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On its own merit

To the Editor:

On April 3, 2001 the citizens of this city will be asked to pass a sales tax increase to fund capital projects. There is a strong sentiment among some of the SCIP sub-committee members that the projects should be listed on the ballot separately and not lumped together in a package. The feeling is that citizens should be able to choose those projects they deem worthy of funding and those that they consider to be luxuries. Just as we carefully budget for our own individual capital improvements and decide on the luxuries we feel that we can afford, we should be able to decide which projects we are willing and able to fund with our tax dollars. City Council appears to be leaning toward consolidation of all the capital improvements, lumping together the "need to haves" with the "wouldn't it be nice to haves."

The Tabor Amendment was passed in this state by a citizenry that obviously did not trust government to manage the public trust. I find it very troubling that our City Council may be willing to gamble the public safety, sewers, transportation and other deficits to gain Confluence Park. This single project has had an extremely divisive effect. Some love it, some do not; if SCIP is going to truly be a citizen-generated and -driven project, then every project should have to stand on its own merit.

If you would like to express your opinion about how this tax increase issue is presented, you need to let Council know now, before the issue is decided.

--Patricia A. Poos
SCIP 01 sub-committee member
Colorado Springs

The harsh light of reality

To the Editor:

I notice that you still print the letters from liberals that promote the myopic view that all votes were not counted. It is illegal to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. It is immoral and unethical to yell "fire" in the political arena, and then throw fuel on the fire to encourage and maintain the highest level of anger and rage among liberals.

You claim that your readers are the best educated, but you continue to pander to the rage of the ignorant, the self-absorbed, the selfish and self-serving.

Tell the truth about dimpled chads. The manufacturer of the voting machine stated publicly that you can only create dimpled chads by stuffing five or more blank ballots into the voting machine and pressing hard with the stylus. Every story given to the press and all the perjured testimony was part of an elaborate scheme to give legitimacy to dimpled chads as "undervotes."

Two Florida Supreme Court justices worked on the Gore presidential campaign. This fact was buried. The justices did not recuse themselves and were never accused of being partisan. Every decision made by the Florida Supreme Court on behalf of Vice President Gore was both partisan and in violation of Florida law. Each of their decisions was neutralized by the U.S. Supreme Court as unconstitutional. President-elect Bush did not "win" the U.S. Supreme Court and was not appointed by them.

President Bush won Florida legally on Nov. 14, 2000.

It is much too late to "reject" President Bush.

The Clinton/Gore legacy of lying, deceit and dissembling is finally over. Liberals must now learn to live in the harsh light of reality, without the sweet buffering of spin.

-- Daniel Arcelay
Colorado Springs

Give it back

To the Editor:

I will keep this nice and short. I am very upset that you have dropped the Freethought (sic) column from your paper. We were so pleased to find it in your paper, not long after we moved into town. It has truly been a breath of fresh air in this community.

You are currently complaining that a small number of people are censoring you by getting King Soopers to drop your paper. Well, I am complaining that you are censoring the Freethought community by dropping the Freethought column.

I want it back!

-- Dawn Lucas
Via the Internet

The editor responds: The Freethinkers column is a paid advertisement, not an editorial product of the Independent. The decision of whether to renew their contract is the Freethinkers', not ours. You may contact them directly at or 719/535-0520.

Stick to the vision

To the Editor:

When I moved to Colorado Springs in 1990, having been a native Chicagoan, I was delighted to find the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, outstanding and perfect for the territory.

Now I am deeply distressed about the proposed expansion. By appropriating park land instead of using existing Fine Arts Center property, the Center's leadership runs roughshod over General Palmer's magnificent vision and presents an arrogant face to the community. A more rational and pragmatic approach is clearly called for and is within the Center's capability.

This is Colorado Springs ... not Denver or Chicago.

-- Marilyn R. Blum
Colorado Springs

Open letters to King Soopers

I am personally flabbergasted at your stance against the Independent. Do you realize how many in this town are without benefit from much that goes on because it is omitted from our one and only other newspaper?

I shop your stores religiously and will continue to do so because your employees are wonderful, your selection excellent and your prices are right.

But I strongly believe you have been pressured by a few to the detriment of many. Do you have any idea how the few vocal zealots in this town attempt to control the reading habits, the media habits (and anything else they can think up) of the many?

Those of us with a modicum of intelligence truly believe the philosophy that freedom means something. To have our freedoms ignored by those who believe that a few cuss words will be harmful, that we have no right to "hear the other side of the story" and judge for ourselves, is a flagrant violation of those freedoms. Because I do not agree with all I read in any publication does not mean I must quit reading.

It is perfectly acceptable for those who do not like the contents of the Independent not to read it. Nor do those who object to "pornography" have to view it. If they fear for children, remember this: Children do not read the Independent.

I am in my 80th year and have every right to pick up my copy of the Independent as I purchase my groceries and miscellaneous in your store. I am not easily offended by the content of the paper. But I, and many others, are offended by your position.

If you decide to reinstate the paper just put a sign in front of it: "Reading this paper could be dangerous to your health." Since my health is fine, thank you, I will accept that danger.

Please consider that many of us are good Christians in spite of the fact that we read that paper and don't plan on going to hell from its after-effects.

-- Ruth A. Elliott
Colorado Springs

I have supported King Soopers for all the 20 years I have lived in Colorado. Please don't give me a reason to take my business elsewhere. The Independent is one of very few sources of news and opinion in this community that shares my values. I almost cried when it came to town, after years of frustration with the other newspaper in town. This is not just a small matter. It represents an important piece of our local culture. Don't let narrow-minded groups limit my access to this newspaper.

-- Tory Pearlstein
Colorado Springs


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