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Leaf on the Mesa opens in Pueblo, Supreme Court asks Obama and more




Blowing in the wind

In the mountain of paperwork required to start a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, it turns out Randine Bickel forgot to get her county business license for the rec side of her new Pueblo outfit Leaf on the Mesa (1917 Santa Fe Drive, She expects the situation to be resolved in the next 60 days, so here's what customers can expect.

"Our goal is education, for both the recreational and the medical side," Bickel told us in mid-April. "Here in Pueblo, there's a lot of fear-based thinking about marijuana. So I've hired employees who are very knowledgeable and they're very experienced in this industry. And we're going to provide all kinds of printed material and I'm going to have plenty of staff to take as much time as a customer might need."

Bickel, who used to work in the healthcare industry, says she's had bad experiences at other centers, so is now focused on creating an accessible experience. She mentions lots of seating, a lack of armed guards — though a surplus of cameras, naturally — and a very clean feel. Bickel also says she will never run out of product, and to expect around 12 to 15 strains on the shelf as well as marijuana accessories.

"We're trying to aim for a cut above the rest of what's out there," she says, "and hopefully we can meet people's needs, especially people who have been a little uneasy going into a facility."

Supreme opinion

With one quick sentence, the United States Supreme Court on Monday asked the Obama administration, through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr., to weigh in on the lawsuits filed by Oklahoma and Nebraska against the state of Colorado. "The Solicitor General," the court wrote, "is invited to file a brief in this case expressing the views of the United States."

It's a natural move, writes court-watcher

"Colorado urged the Supreme Court not to allow the two states to sue it, contending that they actually have no grievance with Colorado, but only with the federal government for the hands-off policy that it has adopted in recent years toward medical and recreational use of marijuana. ... But Colorado also told the Court in replying to the challenge that the federal government's policy is what is actually at stake, so it should be a party in the controversy. The Court's order seeking the government's views is at least a temporary concession on that point."

Keef crumbs

The Growing Kitchen ( has released a Mother's Day "cannabis starter kit" that includes low-dose edibles, a balm, salve, "chill pills" and a "reusable fabric exit bag." Price was not disclosed.

• Talking to FOX Business Network, Gov. John Hickenlooper last week walked back his initial negative take on Amendment 64: "If you look back, it's turned out not to be as vexing as some people like myself [thought it would be]."

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