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Even if you missed all the signs — the jewelry, the bumper sticker, the business card — you would still know Aurora animal-rights attorney Juliet Piccone for the passionate advocate that she is just by talking to her for two seconds. When I asked her how many animals she has, she answered by joking that the city only lets a person have five cats maximum — so no comment. She also owns two dogs.

"I love animals: I'm a freak," she said over a Tazo Tea at Starbucks in late April. "I mean, yeah. I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I couldn't be a veterinarian because when you're a veterinarian you have to cut up animals."

Instead, she became an insurance defense attorney after graduating from the University of Colorado's law school in 1999, and then made her way to the Animal Law Center in Wheat Ridge before starting her own practice.

"When I was volunteering at the Animal Law Center, everything was about the money," she says. "So, I was like, 'Well, if I'm not gonna get paid, and I can only take cases that will make money, why not go off on my own? And maybe I can get one or two cases where I can get paid, but then I can also still take the cases where I'm not gonna get paid, and actually help these people.'"

People like Pam Grayson, who might not have pursued charges against that deputy district attorney with the off-leash dog, had he just apologized ...

See more about her story, starting here.

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