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Laurie Anderson transcends life and death in slow motion


Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet, Landfall
  • Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet, Landfall
After processing the death of her husband Lou Reed and dog Lolabell on 2015’s Heart of a Dog, Laurie Anderson is ready to increase the sadness. The veteran New York electronic experimentalist has joined with Bay Area classical ensemble Kronos Quartet to review the 2012 landfall of Hurricane Sandy. The 70-minute work is largely instrumental string pieces in a minor key, though Anderson combines newscasts with her own detached observations on how her lifelong art was destroyed — and how that might be a good thing. Anderson uses the dissolution of her material world to dive further into the liminal state between life and death that served as the backdrop of her last film and studio album. Landfall finds Anderson transcending this sphere, but doing so in slow motion, so we all can observe and take notes.
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