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Last-minute Gift Guide

The Desperate Times Edition, from your inspiration-challenged friends at the Indy


Here's how our ever-thoughtful executive editor, Ralph Routon, sums up the joy of last-minute gift giving:

"If you're like me, you're notorious for thinking of the most wonderful gifts in October. You know you'll remember, so you don't jot down those perfect ideas. Then comes December, and the mind goes blank. Totally, absolutely blank.

"It's not old age though some cynics might suggest I can't make that argument much longer. It's pressure, combined with semi-panic. So now you're like me, seeing the days slip by, knowing you have plenty of meaningful gifts to find, and wondering where you'll find them, not to mention what they'll be ... "

Well said, Ralph. I think I'll just co-opt your frustration and make it into an introduction to our 2007 last-minute gift guide.

We gathered at the last minute (you think I'm kidding?) to come up with some options for gifting in the 11th hour. As you will soon read: Some of us are terrible gift-givers. Be glad you aren't married to us. But maybe our hypothesizing will help you out a bit.


We've tried to stick to actually attainable-at-the-last-moment gifts, but we've also ventured a bit into cool things online that may be worth a promissory card and belated actual arrival. At the end of our conventional thinking, we've included a wrap-up of socially conscious items to purchase locally and elsewhere some which are straight donations, and others where you also get something in return. Give it a look to go against the consumerist grain.

Best of luck.

Matthew Schniper

The last-minute gift guide

Socially conscious options

The spin doctor
In recently released CDs and DVDs, you might find your gift-giving Rx

From the bottom of my ...
Passive-aggressive gifts for the jackass who has everything


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