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Lance Armstrong's blood diamonds

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Sports doping — in fact, cheating and dishonesty in general — is increasingly excused, rationalized, or even advocated as competitive realism. Not everyone's buying it, though.


Kristy Driessen of Flying Horse is a stay-at-home mom

What's your reaction to Lance Armstrong's admission? I'm not surprised. I have a sister-in-law who is friends with some of his friends. She heard it was going on and told us about it long before he confessed.

What's the worst part of it all? Even his confession is sleazy, made for purely selfish motives. Plus, he's a mean bully. He's planning on throwing other people under the bus out of revenge.

Will anything good come out of this? I'm bothered by the hero status of athletes. Maybe this'll change that a little.


Brent Kyle of Old Colorado City is a teacher

Relate your reaction to Armstrong's fess-up. It's kind of disappointing, but the fact that it was him doing it didn't bother me more than if it were anybody else.

What's the worst part of this story? Doping gave Armstrong an enormous advantage over every honest rider.

Does it make you care less about sports? Yeah, especially the highly commercialized pro sports.


Rebecca Operhall of Woodland Hills is a stay-at-home mom

What's your read of Armstrong's confession? He was so obviously guilty that he had no other choice.

What's the worst thing about it? He not only doped, he coerced others to do it, too, and then blackmailed people to keep them from coming forward — all while painting himself as a model citizen.

How widespread is doping in athletics? I've read that it's extremely common in cycling, and there's been a series of doping scandals in baseball.

Does it make you care less about sports? We go see the Sky Sox now and then and watch a little college basketball on TV. That probably won't change.


Bruce Clark of Palmer Lake works for Lockheed Martin

What's your reaction to Armstrong's confession? He's not atypical. So many athletes dope now — and get rewarded for it.

What's the worst aspect of this story? Who would have won all those Tours if he hadn't doped?

Is there an athlete you consider a hero? I'm a Steeler fan, but I admire Peyton Manning immensely. He's up-front and first class.

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