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Best Of 2011: Radio DJ: Vicky Gregor

As a young music lover, Vicky Gregor was often the one in the corner at parties, going through stacks of records to pick out the evening's tunes. She could always identify artists on the radio, and if a band was coming in from out of town and needed help, she would volunteer.

"I really always wanted to be a DJ," she says.

Today, she's that and more, as music director for KRCC. On her Music Mix With Vicky, the weekday morning show she's DJed for eight years, Gregor shares her passion — plus tracks from artists like Laura Marling, Tom Waits and Thievery Corporation — with everyone.

And Gregor, now 50-something, still cherishes her role in delivering the music that's so important to people.

"There is a tapestry woven between the content and the person hosting it for you," she says, adding, "I really like looking at the whole thing as a little more of a journey than a song, stop, song, stop."

Gregor says she uses her music choices to transport: She wants to put someone in one place, then drop them off somewhere else to come up for air.

Interestingly, it's only when Gregor is being physically transported — by plane, back home to upstate New York — that she listens to her iPod. Otherwise she spins thousands of CDs every year, and tunes into the radio. She says she appreciates the latter medium's longevity and power, and knows why it endures even with the changing technology of iTunes and iPods.

"It's the history of it," Gregor says. "A good portion of the population was raised with it."

Gregor came west in 1979, following a musician. They split ways, but she fell in love with the Centennial State. "As soon as I found KRCC," she says, "that love affair deepened."

And considering that readers have named her Best Radio DJ for eight of the past nine years, you'd have to say that it's still going strong. — Ellie Cole

Best Of 2011: Radio Station: Music

Best Of 2011: Radio Station: Talk

Radio in this area runs the full spectrum of music and talk, aiming for every imaginable audience. So it's all the more impressive that KRCC, the local affiliate for NPR, dominates our readers' choices in both music and talk, the latter with a whopping 30 percent of the vote. (Take that, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham.) It tells you how much KRCC, celebrating its 60th year of operation, is ingrained in the local scene. Many prefer the NPR offerings, combined with local shows; many others love the music mix. But everyone has a reason to listen to 91.5 FM, at some time of the day. — Ralph Routon

Best Radio DJ, Vicky Gregor

Vicky Gregor is no stranger to success in this category, having won it six of the last seven years. Clearly, Independent readers love their longtime "friend and neighbor," who, as KRCC's music director and morning DJ, mixes an eclectic array of alternative and international hits. Rather than mandating preprogrammed set lists, KRCC lets its DJs have creative reign — a bonus for both listeners and radio professionals alike. "Our 'back' library of CDs and vinyl is so extensive that a DJ can follow most any impulse that fills their mind," says Gregor. "I love having the ability to connect the dots thematically, vibe-wise, sound-wise, et cetera, across most any genre." So whether you're hoping to discover new favorites for your personal playlist, or just want to unwind after National Public Radio's Morning Edition, Gregor's got you plugged in. — Amanda Lundgren

Best FM Radio Station

Best HD Radio Station

Best Morning Radio Show

KRCC may have started out as a two-room public address system in Colorado College's Bemis Hall basement in 1944, but with an upgraded HD system and affiliate broadcasts in Westcliffe, Salida, Cañon City and as far as New Mexico, the station continues to meet its goals of bringing quality news, information, ideas, opinions and art-related topics to the communities it serves. As a fairly new Colorado resident, I only recently developed an addiction to KRCC's morning programming. Thanks to Morning Edition's coverage of current topics and debates and entertaining interviews, and Vicky Gregor's eclectic music selections, my car radio now knows no other station. Rock on, KRCC! — Suzie Calvin


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