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Know your numbers



In an ideal world, campuses would be safe havens. Students could walk alone at night, leave cars unlocked and bikes unchained, and never need to know an emergency number.

I hate to be the one to say it, but when it comes to safety, college is very much the real world. Bad things can happen, ranging from the small (burglaries) to the large (campus intruders). Here are the numbers you need to know to keep yourself safe in the Springs.

Air Force Academy

Crime stop: 333-4100

On-call counselor: 330-5092

Security police desk: 333-2000

Sexual assault response coordinator: 333-7272

Colorado College

Campus safety dispatch: 389-6707

"Safe Ride" escort: 389-6340

Sexual assault response coordinator: 227-8101


Campus police and safety escorts: 255-3111

Crime prevention: 255-3444

Sexual harassment office: 255-4324

Counseling services: 255-3265

Pikes Peak Community College (All campuses)

Campus safety dispatch: 502-2911

Campus safety administration: 502-2900

General numbers

City Police Department: 444-7000

City Fire Department: 385-5950

TESSA (domestic violence and sexual assault): 633-3819

Memorial Hospital: 365-5000

Penrose-St. Francis Hospital: 776-5000

Designated Driver of Colorado Springs: 650-3450

Emergency: 911

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