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Kiowa Sessions go for the gold




Despite what Fitzgerald may have said, there actually are second acts in America. And one of them will open this coming Sunday, as Colorado Springs' Kiowa Sessions return from the dead in a brand new location.

Curated by Ishhod Collins, the first incarnation of the monthly music showcase kicked off in May 2010 at the V Bar, and would continue there until July 2012, with final performances by Melting Temple, Funk Row Seats and Collins' own band, The Heart-Less. During that time, Kiowa Sessions bookings proved consistently eclectic, the main commonality being a genuine passion for music, in whatever form that might take.

So what was the impetus for bringing the dearly departed Kiowa Sessions to life after a nearly three-year absence?

"Well, we never wanted to stop," says Collins, who'll be holding the free, all-ages showcase at the relatively new Gold Room. "But the main reason is that we now have a truly legitimate music venue downtown again. The original V Bar run was done at a time of necessity, as only a few bars were working with local bands in the indie realm — especially across multiple genres. It was more a matter of the venue going in a different direction at the time. Which happens. We had a great run there and had a blast doing what we could."

Asked about some of his favorite memories, Collins recalls a stripped-down Lo-Fi Cowboys set ("which was absolute magic") as well as another session where his band played alongside local legend Mike Stephens and Denver band All Capitals.

And the strangest? "The last event we did at V Bar," says the musician, whose band broke up a few gigs later. "A lot of energy and emotions everywhere."

Appropriately enough, Act II will be starting off not all that far removed from where Act I left off. Obviously, Collins will be there, even if his old band isn't. And so will Melting Temple's prime movers, Jose Garcia and Jacob "Gabe From the Future" Carver, performing with their current psych-rock band 4 Moons.

Likewise, though Funk Row Seats also departed in 2012, their spirit will be carried on by the appropriately funky local upstarts Boomsonix. Sunday night's bill will also feature Kiowa Sessions regular Grant Sabin along with his friend, Kansas singer-songwriter Tyler Gregory.

The biggest change will be the showcase's relocation from the Kiowa Street bar down Nevada Avenue to the decidedly more opulent and expansive Gold Room. The current plan is to hold the monthly showcases there at least into September, and hopefully beyond.

Any temptation to rename them the Nevada Sessions? "For about .004 of a second," jokes Collins. "But, nah, it's a brand now. Too many memories and work over the years."

Announcement time: After writing Reverb for the better part of five years and close to a quarter-million words, I'm pleased to be passing along this column to Collin Estes, a writer who knows more about music than anyone has a right to. For me, that'll mean more time for feature stories and interviews, as well as for editing our music and film sections.

My genuinely heartfelt thanks to all the local musicians who've supported, or at least tolerated, the column all this time. The best is yet to come.

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