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Key changes to short term rentals in Colorado Springs


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Colorado Springs City Council is set to begin regulating the Springs' short term rentals.

The new proposal would:

Allow one STR per lawful dwelling unit (LDU), with a maximum of four on a single property. Neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes can only have one lawful dwelling unit per property. An R2 zone can have two LDUs, while R4 and R5 allow three or more LDUs on a single property. A lawful dwelling unit is a finished space with some sort of kitchen and bathroom. A yurt, tent, tiny home on wheels, hammock, unfinished garage, shed or RV does not qualify.

The owner of the STR must register it with the city and pay all applicable taxes. However, someone else (such as a property manager) can manage the rental and serve as an emergency contact for neighbors. That contact must be reachable 24/7, and be able to respond within an hour.

If the Planning Commission receives habitual complaints about an STR, it will call a public hearing at which it can decide whether to suspend or revoke its license.

Homeowners associations can further restrict STRs within the city.

STR owners must carry insurance and the property must be compliant with city codes. Tenants must also follow noise, housing, public health, fire and safety ordinances.

No meals may be served.

STRs cannot be used for large social gatherings or commercial events.

— J. Adrian Stanley


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