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Kenneth Cleaver


April 25, 2006

Aventuras Patagonicas

1303 Sumac Ave.

Boulder, CO 80304

Dear Aventuras Patagonicas,

I must learn to climb. I'll start with rocks or whatever, but I want to work my way into respectable society. Owing to my lack of skills and poor work habits, it's important I ingratiate myself to the rich and powerful very soon.

I also need to maneuver downward. This is known as rappelling, right? It is important to ingratiate myself with poor people because doing so often impresses rich people. Street knowledge, slumming, authenticity that sort of thing. This enables me to appropriate cultural practices of oppressed subcultures, which can prove lucrative in the entertainment industry.

Is this the kind of instruction you provide? If so, please let me know what your services entail, as well as your rate of compensation. I'm desperate and will pay vigorously.

Know that I'm aware that this takes a bit of time. Doing it too quick is tacky and can compromise the entire project.


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