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Kenneth Cleaver

Consumer Correspondent

November 1, 2005

Ms. Kristina Stenvinkel

Director of Communications

H&M Hennes & Mauritz

Regeringsgatan 48

SE-106 38 Stockholm

Dear Ms. Stenvinkel:

A few points:

1. How could you?

2. I don't understand.

3. It's not fair.

Just because Kate Moss was photographed doing a few rails on the cover of The Daily Mirror, you drop her contract? Where's your loyalty?

A few questions:

A. Do you really think bodies like hers come from celery and sit-ups?

B. What part of heroin chic don't you understand?

It's not like Ms. Moss was using a ghetto drug, like meth or crack. Have you tried to buy coke lately? Can you say, ka-ching? I shouldn't have to explain this to someone in the fashion industry, but cocaine caters to an elite clientele. Its price tag is like a bouncer, or a zoning law: it keeps out the riffraff.

It's sad that these distinctions are so easily overlooked in the rush to judgment.

Now a hardworking model has to pay. It's just not right. (See 1-3.)

I very much hope you'll reconsider your decision. If there are any charities to help defray costs for Ms. Moss and her staff, please let me know.


Kenneth H. Cleaver

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