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Kenneth Cleaver

Consumer Correspondent

Kenneth H. Cleaver

P.O. Box 1034

Colorado Springs, CO 80901

February 12, 2005

Mr. John T. Walton

Walton Enterprises, LLC.

P.O. Box 1860

Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

Dear Mr. Walton:

I've often read that wealthy people are harangued for all kinds of handouts. This disturbs me deeply.

My thinking is that if you're going to beg, at least have a good story to tell. Or better yet, be able to tap dance. Don't just ask for it. That's tacky.

I've enclosed $1 for your personal use. I know you don't need it, what with your annual Wal-Mart dividend check hovering around $175 million. But just think of it as a symbolic apology on behalf of all the shameless beggars who think they can get something for nothing.

That said, I would like to ask for one thing: A check for -$1. That's right, negative $1. I'd like to frame it for my progeny as a way to teach them about non-begging.

I've enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope so that you won't spend any money fulfilling this request.


Kenneth Cleaver

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