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Kenneth Cleaver

Consumer Correspondent

Kenneth H. Cleaver

P.O. Box 1034

Colorado Springs, CO 80901

December 11, 2004

Red Devil, Inc.

2400 Vauxhall Road

Union, NJ 07083

Dear Red Devil, Inc.:

I'm writing to let you know how much I love your caulk.

Just the other day I was working in the bathroom when my roommate remarked, You're really happy in there, aren't you?

Sure am.

You just can't get enough caulk, can you?

And it's true. I've had my way with any number of spackles, grouts and construction adhesives, but none measure up to your caulk.

Keep up the good work!

My only request is that you come out with a bottle larger than 10.1 fluid ounces. As much as I love caulk, I love big caulk even more!


Kenneth Cleaver

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