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Kenneth Cleaver

Consumer Correspondent

Kenneth H. Cleaver

P.O. Box 810

Bedford, NY 10506

December 2, 2003

Mr. David Ginsberg

Communications Director

Edwards for President

P.O. Box 300034

Raleigh, NC 27622

Dear Mr. Ginsberg:

I've been enjoying the John Edwards show very much. Good work, great hair, a few ideas:

While I haven't gotten tired of the senator's my dad worked in a mill all his life shtick, many seem to think it's become a bit prolier than thou. Americans love the underdog pabulum, but you gotta give 'em the glory days too. So let's have the senator flash forward to his boom years as a trial lawyer. You know, buying his first house, clocking his first mill, an allusion to something racy, like maybe he made out with a minor celebrity once?

In short, less salt of the earth, more bling-bling.

And while the senator doesn't like to go after other candidates, can we agree that something needs to be done about Joe Lieberman? That pious little prune makes my flesh crawl. A cogent article in the Village Voice recently noted that Pruneboy's sniping from the right is tantamount to writing talking points for Karl Rove. 'Cause no matter how right you lean, once you're up against the real thing, they're going to paint you every shade of Barbra Streisand.

When Senator Edwards joins the Dean-bashing bandwagon, it's transparent and desperate. Take out the weenie from Connecticut and he'll be doing everyone a favor.

Enclosed is $5; make something happen.


Kenneth Cleaver

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