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Kenneth Cleaver

Consumer Correspondent

Kenneth H. Cleaver

P.O. Box 810

Bedford, NY 10506

June 27, 2002

Dr. James Dobson

President and Founder

Focus on the Family

8605 Explorer Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Dear Dr. Dobson:

I happened upon an article in your News in Focus section that asked readers to pray for actress Anne Heche. Curiously enough, I have been praying for celebrities for some time now. Please allow me to explain.

Like most Americans, I spent last September in a horrified stupor. I can't believe it, I kept repeating. How could this have happened? I asked along with the inevitable, Why? Needless to say, the source of my distress was the catastrophic box office performance of Glitter: Mariah Carey's first feature film. Failing to gross even $5 million domestically, the debacle could not have come at a worse time for Ms. Carey, who had just checked herself into a hospital due to exhaustion. This event combined with the attacks on New York and Washington seemed evidence enough that God was no longer shining his grace upon our nation.

Praying for Ms. Carey soon lead me to pray for other celebrities. From the ever-addicted Robert Downey Jr. to Winona Ryder and her flagrant contempt for private property, I can't think of a single instance when a celebrity is not in need. Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight now serve as my prayer primers as celebrities have eclipsed other contingents of the downtrodden in my prayer regime. (I do not pray for Tom Cruise or John Travolta because they're dedicated Scientologists and not closet homosexuals.)

I will certainly add Anne Heche to my list, as the poor thing has not had a hit since Wag the Dog. I hope you will continue to urge readers to pray for celebrities.


Kenneth Cleaver

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