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Kenneth Cleaver

Consumer Correspondent

May 7, 2003

Senator Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

P.O. Box 967

Arlington, VA 22216

Dear Senator Lieberman:

Just wanted to pitch a few campaign slogans for your bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Please be aware that I am a professional sloganeer whose work has appeared in print, television and numerous highway overpasses. I'm willing to offer my services free of charge because I believe you are a superior candidate. I'm also hoping the publicity will give Cleaver Industries a sorely needed boost as it has suffered since my recent incarceration.

Slogans are as follows:

Joe Lieberman: Earnest as A Rubber Stamp

Joe Lieberman: Our Kind of Pedantic Moralist

Joe Lieberman: Democrat -- Whatever That Means

Joe Lieberman: Jews for Jingoism!

Please let me know which slogan is most appropriate so I can start printing. I look forward to working together.


Kenneth H. Cleaver

Encl. $5 campaign donation.

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