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Kenneth Cleaver, Consumer Correspondent

February 23, 2003

Mr. Eric Schmidt
Denver Post
1560 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202

Dear Mr. Schmidt:

I found your recent story on the teen chastity rally at New Life Church to be astonishingly one sided. While you gave voice to the teen abstinence movement, there was no coverage of opposing views.

May I ask what prevented you from seeking comment from the outspoken members of ACNI: Adolescents Committed to Non-Committal Intercourse?

And what of the many moderate, but highly sophisticated abstinence organizations that recognize the imperative for non-penetrative teen sex. Take the insurgent Washington D.C.-based Dry Hump Day and the more locally originated: National Hand Job Campaign.

In the event that you should continue to cover this topic, I hope you will include these important voices.


Kenneth Cleaver

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