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Kenneth Cleaver, Consumer Correspondent


June 20, 2002

Mr. Mario Valdes
Station Manager
912 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Dear Mr. Valdes:

Smart, slick, and smug are the words most often employed in the futile attempt to distill my personality into a few adjectives. From colleagues and spurned lovers, I've been told that I'm astonishingly well informed, articulate, confident, and after prolonged exposure, extremely grating. I am told that my personality presents an obstacle to intimacy and/or casual friendship, but that it qualifies me for a career in public radio.

I am already in the habit of pronouncing Spanish words with an ersatz accent. I have a major crush on correspondent Cokie Roberts, but as she's based in Washington it should not present a problem at your station. Some of my program ideas include more extensive coverage of America's salt of the earth agrarian types, and greater focus on pithy professional middle-class women surfing between the 2nd and 3rd waves of feminism.

I have many more ideas that I look forward to sharing with you at your earliest convenience.

Kenneth Cleaver

Resume Encl.

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