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Keeping it green — as in money, honey

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Are we on the brink of High Noon confrontations between environmental-safety advocates and champions of unregulated free markets?

Mellissa Blair
  • Mellissa Blair

Mellissa Blair of Black Forest is a hypnotherapist.

Do environmental issues get too much or too little news coverage? Definitely too little. It's just not profitable to talk about the environment.

What's the biggest local environmental problem? I moved here from Phoenix less than a month ago, but from what I've seen in reddit, there seems to be some unfair land swapping in the works.

How about nationally? Bees, our pollinators, are dying out for reasons we claim not to know.

Have you seen any environmental progress in recent years? Texas is sinking some serious money into wind turbines. A program in Phoenix has the goal of creating 20,000 urban farms by 2018. Locally, Colorado just made it legal to collect rain water on your own property.

Cheryl Leonhardt
  • Cheryl Leonhardt

Cheryl Leonhardt of Briargate is retired.

Does the news media devote too little or too much attention to environmental issues? Way too little. The rising sea level is more important than who Donald Trump insulted today.

What are our biggest environmental problems? Greenhouse gasses. Monsanto. Massive corporatization of food production.

Has there been any environmental progress in recent years? How about Callicrate Beef? It runs a sustainable ranch in western Kansas that raises cattle humanely, without antibiotics or hormones. They recycle water and grow radishes and turnips for the cows to eat. If every rancher did what they do, we'd be so much better off.

Is there an environmental dilemma you personally wrestle with? I recently read a wonderful article called "Climate Crisis at the End of Our Fork" that argues the best way to reduce our impact on the environment is by eating less red meat. Nevertheless, I had pork last night. The night before, though, dinner was meatless.

Tim Everett
  • Tim Everett

Tim Everett of downtown makes pizzas.

Do the media give enough time to environmental issues? It certainly shouldn't give any less. A lot of other issues that don't merit it get a lot more coverage.

Locally, what's the most important environmental problem? The rivers aren't very clean, but what can you expect in a city?

How about nationally? It would benefit us to take a lot better look at the environmental effects of fracking.

Is there any way you've seen environmental progress? I see more solar panels going up and there's been progress on the attempt to cap carbon emissions.

Name an environmental issue you struggle with. I was blown away the other day by how much trash comes out of my tiny little place.

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