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It's hard to compare June of 44 to any other band. They call Chicago their home and have a smugness about them that comes from living in a city that has had a "cool scene" for a hundred years. "Cardiac Atlas" may swagger like U.S. Maple while "Peel Away Velleity" sounds like a soft-boiled Shellac egg on a toasted Polvo muffin. You will find no sing-along-third-eye-blind-pop-poop here. June of 44 does not give you the answers, but takes you on a journey to explore the wondering spaces between wish and wish fulfillment. The songs function not as anthems but as backdrops to some picturesque geography yet undiscovered; both mathematically precise and melodically capricious, it is the music of daydreamers.

Anahata is full of atmospheric dissonance, musicianship and egoless collaboration. It is more sparse than previous efforts -- lighter. You have to drop some weight to fly, and hypno-trance samples, lullaby vibes and viola convince you that you can. The album's songs are caked with the residue of restless travel; invoking landscapes, cloudscapes and truck stops. Built upon a jazzy, tight rhythm section, the guitars play a pretty call and response; add some Latin trumpet (as in the opening track "Wear Two Eyes") and you feel as though the horses are saddled and ready. You can feel yourself riding across the high plains in some Sergio Leone movie, choking on the dusty trail, imposing will upon wish.

These ethereal wanderings serve as a backdrop to emotionally descriptive prose obsessed with longing; chock full of witchy goodness. Recommended uses: repetitive work, hiking, housework, and looooong road trips.

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