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Jorge's will get you day-drunk


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  • Griffin Swartzell
There are a lot of strange things happening at Jorge’s, located on the main drag in Old Colorado City. First, they charge for chips and salsa. Second, their bartender pours like a frat boy — my horni presidente margarita ($11) may lack a listed price, but it doesn’t lack ABV. If the price is justified, it’s only through alcoholic strength. Halfway through, I realize I’m going to have to Uber out or wander OCC like a reprobate. Taste-wise, it’s boozy as can be, with blasphemous sweet and sour mix failing to balance substantial burn from Hornitos silver and Presidente brandy.

Being day-drunk may be a mercy, given the reality of their enchiladas Tejanas ($9 with chicken). The topping egg, requested over-easy, does respectably on these stacked enchiladas. The chicken inside is merely dry, as opposed to the desiccated pork in their green chile. I request hot, but the burn is moderate. Rubber-band orange cheese repels further.


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