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Sixty seconds with Nic Cester



Indy: Your latest CD, Shaka Rock, has its share of rowdy rockers, but you also have some more multi-faceted and poppier songs, such as "Seventeen." What does that say about the musical development of Jet?

NC: What we were really proud of this album was just the uniqueness of the songs, you know. We always knew that we could write good songs, and we've got a knack for writing melodies, and we're good with structuring and layering or whatever, you know, the mechanics of it. But I think now we've reached a new level of maturity ... I just think we're a lot more comfortable in our own skin now.

Indy: So have you also grown more mature in your touring lifestyles as well?

NC: I think that the thing we're enjoying about touring most of all this time around is I guess being a little bit older and a bit wiser. In the past we've been, you know, pretty reckless when it comes to extracurricular activities. But I think this time we're all looking after ourselves a lot better than we ever have and actually going out and seeing these towns that we're touring and, you know, going to restaurants and just actually exploring America for the first time.

Indy: It sounds like you guys took a bigger role in the making of Shaka Rock, which you co-produced. So how were things different with your involvement in producing the album?

NC: I think we realized that, whatever the end result was going to be, the amount of enjoyment we got from actually doing it like that and the whole process was so much fun that we knew that we were going to be very happy and proud at the end of it anyway. We're pretty confident that whatever we're going to do, if we apply ourselves, we're going to do it really well.

At the Black Sheep, March 30.

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