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Jasmine Café employs eggplant to satisfying ends


  • Griffin Swartzell
American Chinese food can get a little hard to differentiate at times. That said, most spots have a dish or two that stand out from the pack. Take Powers corridor spot Jasmine Café, purveyors of chicken eggplant with garlic ($6.95/lunch). Is it a revolutionary plate of food? No, but it’s pleasant enough. Ubiquitous brown sauce, not particularly garlicky, graces tender bits of chicken and creamy eggplant chunks, held together solely by their skin. The zucchini, celery and bamboo shoots are cooked past snappy freshness but not to the point of mush.
Location Details Jasmine Cafe Chinese Restaurant
6064 Stetson Hills Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO

We also try Ma Po tofu ($6.95/lunch), a plate of chewy pork bits, creamy tofu cubes and what tastes like canned peas and carrot cubes. We’re not exactly overjoyed with the veg, but they’re at worst not offensive. Lunch specials come with choice of soup — we try wonton soup and enjoy it well enough — and an egg roll with a thick and crispy exterior. Not bad at all.

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