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Millions of dollars have been dropped into the old Ivywild School, in hopes that it'll transform into a southern-downtown neighborhood hub of food, drink and art.


Tim Lopez of Old Colorado City is a tool maker

How will the Ivywild project affect that neighborhood? It'll bring in more people, but I wish the building was still educating kids.

Is there a favorite gathering spot in your neighborhood? The library, maybe. Or maybe Thirsty's [Tavern], where you can drink a beer or two, play pool, talk.

What's another construction project or attraction that we need? What we don't need is a new baseball stadium. Keep the one they have where it is. What we do need is a better public transportation hub.


David Rowe of Woodland Park is a house husband

Will this project alter the Ivywild neighborhood? It'll bring in some income, but it'll make it a higher-traffic area.

How important are good gathering spots to a neighborhood? It's beneficial. Fewer and fewer neighborhoods have one these days.

What's another construction project or attraction this city needs? Nothing. There are enough already.


Bill Welter of north Colorado Springs is in tech support

Relate your takes on Bristol Brewery and Blue Star. I like the beer Bristol puts out. Blue Star is overpriced.

Will this project benefit the Ivywild neighborhood? As long as they preserve the structure's old-timey look, it's a great way to recycle a building and bring in new business.

Any favorite neighborhood hangouts? We like SouthSide Johnny's because it has great bands. We also like Navajo Hogan and Bloom's Mill Hill Saloon, a quaint, established place atop a hill on 21st Street with a lot of characters.


Will Stoney of Old Colorado City is a bar manager

How will the Ivywild project affect that neighborhood? It's a positive thing for a community to put an abandoned, unused building to work doing something awesome.

How important are gathering spots for a community? I enjoy the neighborhood I live in precisely because it has a strip that acts as a big gathering spot. It creates a feeling of community that other parts of town don't have.

What's your best-ever neighborhood hang-out? The Pennant Bar in San Diego, an unassuming little dive bar where everyone hangs out and knows each other — the best bar I've been to.

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