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It's not easy being ... you know


Lines are being drawn in the sand, quite literally: Half of America is chanting, "Drill, drill, drill," while the other half is pushing a singular focus on more environmentally friendly energy options.


Allyn Kratz
Old North End

Colorado Education Association employee
Are Americans turning a corner on "green" issues? I'm seeing some hopeful signs. Even OPEC [Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries] recently acknowledged global warming.

What's the most disturbing environmental sight you've seen? The Millsap mine tailings in Victor a million cubic yards of powdered rock being blown away by wind and washed away by water because the wooden crate containing it is rotting.

If you could put $10 million toward an environmental problem, which would you choose? Purchase land in the mountains west of Colorado Springs to stop construction.

What locale would you most like protected from commercial exploitation? I'd protect the Roan Plateau in western Colorado from oil and gas drilling, because of the endangered species there.


Kyle Toburen

Computer support professional
Are Americans seeing the "green" light? No. Most of our green efforts are superficial, not in-depth.

What's the most disturbing environmental sight you've seen? Some of the Superfund sites in the mountains left by the strip mining industry.

It you could channel $10 million to a "green" initiative, what would it be? I'd start a nonprofit to help South Africa's water and food shortages.

Will we be drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 2020? Absolutely. We'll have reduced our oil reserves, and competition for oil with China and other countries will push environmental priorities to the back seat.


C.J. Moore
Mountain Shadows

Public affairs director
Are Americans getting greener? We're turning the corner. There's more awareness, but we're not there yet. [GOP vice presidential candidate] Sarah Palin denies the reality of global warming.

Name the most disturbing environmental thing you've seen. Massive Arctic ice shelves breaking off.

Will we be drilling in ANWR in 10 to 15 years? If [GOP presidential candidate John] McCain wins, we will.

What site do you most want preserved from development? It's frightening that the city is weighing sale of open space in Bear Creek and Fox Run Regional Parks. That would be a huge loss to Colorado Springs.

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