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iTopIt keeps it tart and fruity


  • Matthew Schniper
Our local self-serve frozen yogurt boom happened in 2011, with iTopIt leading the pack and many more outfits opening in their wake. Several spots have since shuttered, but the originator remains alive and well, based on a bustling Monday evening crowd. After sampling through alluring but ultimately too-sweet-for-us swirl flavors (eight blends made from 16 individual taps) — like chocolate/hazelnut, blueberry/cheesecake, white chocolate/caramel — we each opt for the simple tart base from which to build out. Rather than pay by weight, you can fill as full as you wish with Fun Cups ($3.49/Jr., $4.99/medium). Our first: tart with a little pomegranate raspberry sorbet, plus toppings of dark chocolate chips, cookie dough bits and banana chips. Next: tart with a berry açaí sorbet topper plus almond slivers, coconut flakes and a honey drizzle. The sun falls behind Target’s nearby façade and the mountains, casting an orange hue across two content faces, one needing a beard-wipe. 
Location Details iTopIt
1610 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO
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