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"Sex scandals" involve church leaders, teachers, coaches, cops, sports champions, politicians and movie stars. Does the public's right to know override personal privacy? Does it matter if it's criminal or consensual?


Robert O'Brien from the west side is a reverse engineer

What comes to mind when I say the words "sex scandal"? The Catholic Church.

Why did that scandal make such an impression? How deep it is, how long-running, and how perverse.

What about the celebrity scandals that have been in the news, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods? It just reflects celebrity worship; it's not really newsworthy with everything else that's going on. It shouldn't be our top priority.

Why do they think they'll get away with it, without anyone finding out? Having money and power, they think they're above it all.

What about politicians? Politics is a puppet show anyway. It's for entertainment, like WWF wrestling.


Diane Hanchey from Woodland Park is a business owner

What do you think about all the sex scandals in the news lately? There's a difference between a scandal and a crime. Penn State, if it's true, is a crime. But Herman Cain, Bill Clinton, JFK — who cares?

Why do you think the media spends so much time on these stories? Bad news sells; it attracts people like rubberneckers at a car wreck. It's just sensationalism.

Does it belong in the news? Crime, yes, but scandal, no.

Why are scandals so prevalent in politics, and with people in power? I think cheating is used by the other side for mudslinging.

Why are we so shocked? I'm not. It's been going on for hundreds of years.


Isaac Luechtefeld from the south side is a waiter, student and business owner

What do you think about the Penn State story? If it's really true, I think it should have been handled internally, when it happened.

Would you consider Penn State a "sex scandal" or is what Herman Cain is accused of more of a scandal? If it's consensual, it shouldn't be a scandal. If it's a criminal act, it should be prosecuted.

Do you think the media sensationalizes these kinds of stories? Oh, yeah, they eat it up. They don't understand the meaning of gossip, what it can do to people, and ruin lives. Gossip shouldn't be published.

What about presidential candidates? How much do we need to know about their private lives? A leader should be held to certain standards, but people shouldn't be as nosy as they are. I just try to stay optimistic, and think the best of people.

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