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Iron Bird Brewing Company’s still good for a beer and bite


While Iron Bird Brewing Co. co-founders Aaron Celusta and Mike Centanne work on Metric Brewing, we stepped in to check on their original downtown digs. Sadly, their cask ale system no longer exists due to lack of demand — it’s been gone for some time. But with our minds on British-influenced beers, we try a pint of the Elevation Van English Mild ($5), an eminently sessionable, clean-finishing beer with a pleasant brown malt character and a good amount of body. I’d knock back a pint or two of this friendly 4.2 percent ABV beer, no question.
Location Details Iron Bird Brewing Co.
402 S. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO
From Iron Bird’s pizzeria, we nab a meatball sub ($8), pleasantly savory and reasonably seasoned under red sauce and Parmesan cheese. The sub roll chews nicely, too, but they make that critical error of taking a v-shaped wedge out of the top of the roll and packing the meatballs in, so it’s logistically difficult to eat. Further, all the sauce sits atop the meatballs, so every other bite is sauceless. Still, it goes great with the beer.

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