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Iraq, cont.



Six years after invading Iraq, we still have more than 100,000 troops there, and a new surge going to Afghanistan. The costs continue to stack up, both in terms of money and the health of our soldiers.


Louis Juarros
Woodland Park

Retired teacher

How do you view the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? I'm glad we're getting out of Iraq. The jury's still out on Afghanistan, but if we're going to go get 'em, we better go in and do it now because we're not doing it at present.

What was our real mission in Iraq? Iraq wasn't nearly the threat it was portrayed as being. I think it was mainly about oil.

Ex-President Bush claims history will prove him right about Iraq. Bush wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. The people he surrounded himself with weren't, either.

What will finally dictate our full exit from Iraq? Public sentiment. We now have a president who actually listens to the American people.


Carl McDaniel
Citadel neighborhood

Retired Air Force

What's your read on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? They're necessary to keep terrorists on the run and keep them out of America.

Will upping troop levels in Afghanistan turn it into another Iraq? It would put more troops where they're needed in order to achieve our objective quicker.

Why did we really go into Iraq? I know, having had a career in the military, that we're not always given the bottom line. It can be 20 to 30 years after the fact before we get it.

Do you know vets who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan? I talked to quite a few when I was a veterans benefits counselor in Florida.

How traumatic were their experiences there? Some of them couldn't even talk about how the things they saw and did there affected them emotionally.


Jynene Roer
Old Colorado City

UCCS student

Relate your views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I see no benefit so far. In fact, going into Iraq made us less safe, not more probably forever.

Is the average Iraqi better off now than in 2002? We shattered their infrastructure and their educational and health systems. They're struggling to regain their pre-war level of life.

Do you know vets from either war? Yes.

How did those wars affect them? They aren't getting the support they need, either over there or Stateside. Many are trying to rationalize why we're in Iraq. They're at a loss.

Will history prove Bush right about Iraq? History will prove that Bush wasn't right about anything.

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