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The good, the bad and the frosty


The good, the bad and the frosty
Everyone knows that where the alcohol flows, stories follow. We set out to the streets to see if while (presumably) stone-cold sober people would talk about some of their alcohol-fueled adventures.

Eric Schewe
Knob Hill

Mental health therapist
What occasioned your first drink? A Fourth of July family gathering at Lake Saratoga, in upstate New York. I was 12, and snuck a few beers.
Describe a fun drinking experience. Going downtown for the opening day of football. It's one big party. That's always a real good day.
What's your most memorable pickup experience? A long time ago in Texas, I was getting on my motorcycle when this girl came out, opened up her car door and banged my motorcycle. We ended up going home together.
As you get older, do you drink more or drink less? More. I don't go out as much, and I don't drive any more, so I drink more when I do get out.

David Badal
East side

IT systems administrator
When did you have your first drink? In Germany, during my first tour in the military. I went downtown with buddies from my unit after we'd been in the field for three months non-stop.
Describe your worst drinking experience. This was also in Germany. I woke up in a farmer's field one morning a few miles away from the barracks, with bugs all over me, unable to remember how I got there.
What's your most memorable pickup experience? I was on a weekend cruise on the Rhine during Oktoberfest, where I met a physically stunning and intelligent woman. We ended up dating for a while.
What's your worst pickup experience? The time I met my ex-wife.

Kim Templin
Shooks Run

College admissions counselor
When did you drink for the first time? I was kind of a wild child growing up in San Francisco. When I was 12, a bunch of us cut school to drink very cheap wine all day.
Describe your worst drinking experience. I was a young adolescent. My boyfriend broke up with me and I was drunk and crying, my legs like noodles. My best friend and her mother got me home and nursed me through the night.
What's the best way to drink? In moderation, with friends, in celebration of something.
Do you drink more or less as you get older? Much less and enjoy it more in consequence. Drinking to get drunk like you do when you're young isn't fun.

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