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IQ: Winners and lugers



The U.S. Olympic Committee soap opera grew more convoluted last week, with the original developer in the deal acknowledging a prior business relationship with Mayor Lionel Rivera. One question looms bigger than ever: Whom can you trust?


Bob Springer

West side

Do you think it's important for the city to spend millions to keep the Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs? I think it's important that the people in this city realize how valuable they are, for our economy and our prestige.

How have your feelings about City Council changed in light of what's happened? Politics is politics. Most things get done outside of Council. To be overly picky about deals is a little trite. But certainly a watchdog group should be there to make sure the value of what we're getting is appropriate.

Do you feel Mayor Rivera misled us, or anything unethical took place? I think Mayor Rivera was genuinely concerned about losing the USOC because of its value to the city. What he did about ensuring that to continue, I don't know what's true.


Dave Morris
Account specialist


Do you think it's important for the city to keep the USOC? I do think it's important to keep it here because it does bring a lot of business to the city. A lot of people don't think about it, but it's definitely something we should keep here.

Have your feelings changed at all about Mayor Rivera? I don't know enough about the mayor, per se. But I think this is all a little shady, any time you have a public official that says, "Hey, I had nothing to do with this," and then they come back and they're proven wrong.

Who do you think looks worst at the end of the day? I'd have to say the mayor himself. It came out of his mouth that he had nothing to do with [LandCo], and obviously he did.

What would be the best virtue in a politician? Honesty. Everyone is going to tell you the same thing when it comes to this.


Aimee King

West side

Do you think it's important to keep the Olympic Committee in the Springs? Yes, because of the jobs it's already created and the jobs it will bring here.

Have your feelings about City Council or the mayor changed with the recent events? I think [Rivera] did a poor job conducting his business with [LandCo]; I don't think he handled it well at all.

Fictional or non-fictional, who do you think would make a good mayor? Wolverine. He's tough and he gets it done.

— Kevin Kehl

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