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IQ: Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?



Baseball has become hardcore corporate business, noteworthy for huge salaries, obnoxious agents, performance-enhancing drugs and People magazine celebrity.


Mark Irwin

Automobile upholsterer

What's your earliest baseball memory? Watching Willie Maysand the San Francisco Giants on TV while growing up in the Sacramento area.

Predict the Colorado Rockies' chances this year. They're a young team, but if their pitching holds up, they could go far. They hurt themselves by getting rid of Matt Holliday, though.

Should use of performance-enhancing drugs prohibit superstar Alex Rodriguez from making the Hall of Fame? Anybody who tests positive should be barred — even Mark McGwire, once my favorite player. Barry Bonds shouldn't get credited for breaking Hank Aaron's home run record, either.

Who'll win the 2009 World Series? Probably the Red Sox or Yankees, depending on who has more top-salary players on steroids.


Kelly Patterson
West side

Bookstore manager

Does opening day have special significance for you? It meant a lot more when I was young. These days, I get more excited about the playoffs. Plus, I'm more into my own recreational activities.

What's your best baseball memory? In high school, the coach benched me because I wasn't hitting the long ball. A few games later, the guy who replaced me made a couple errors, the coach put me in instead, and I hit a triple.

Have recent steroid scandals affected your love of the game? It's ruined the game. Records are being broken left and right, but you can't take them seriously. The great players of the past did it on their own.


Belinda Armstrong
Stetson Hills

High school teacher

What does opening day mean to you? Nothing whatsoever. Baseball goes all year long. It never ends. It means my dad never answers when I call.

What's the mystical first sign of spring for you? When the trails are dry enough to run on.

What's your first baseball memory? My father made me go to a Mets game when I was 4. It was a long, long game.

Do you have a favorite team? My family is from New York, so I'm probably supposed to say the Mets.

Predict the winner of this year's World Series. My friend, Brandon, thinks the Orioles will win. I have no idea who they are.

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